Honouring Excellence 2020Each year we honour the leaders, thinkers and doers who got their starts at Lethbridge College.

Since 1992, the Lethbridge College community has gathered to honour the remarkable success of alumni whose perseverance, determination and grit set them apart and led them to rise to the top of their careers and communities.

Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, our 2020 Honouring Excellence banquet will not be held as scheduled on April 23.

We are looking at all options moving forward to make sure that we recognize this year’s honourees at a time when the entire community can come together to celebrate them.

Thank you for checking back for more details.


Meet the 2020 honourees

These individuals demonstrate an inspiring commitment to positive social, cultural, and economic change in the world and the business communities in which they operate. We are proud to recognize those actions and share the stories of our vibrant and influential alumni awards winners.


Distinguished Alumna

Jacquie Daumont (Renewable Resource Management 1986)

Jacquie Daumont is this year’s Lethbridge College Distinguished Alumna. Since beginning her career in commercial vehicle enforcement in 1986, Daumont has risen through the ranks to hold one of the province’s top positions.

Born and raised in central Alberta, Daumont began her career with Alberta Parks and Alberta Fish and Wildlife before joining Alberta Justice and Solicitor General, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Branch (CVE) in 1989. She began as an officer before moving to management, and she has been in her current position as deputy chief working in Red Deer since 2014. She also served as acting chief for the branch from March 2018 to October 2019.

Daumont’s career accomplishments include overseeing CVE’s meritorious law enforcement accreditation with excellence, while sitting on the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA). She is President of the Canadian Police Accreditation Coalition; recipient of the Governor General of Canada Exemplary Service medal; and recipient of the Alberta Peace Officer Long Service medal and the Alberta Emergency Services medal. She is also a member of the Alberta Association of Chiefs of Police. In 2003, Daumont was recognized with a Premier’s Award of Excellence and has been awarded numerous Government of Alberta teamwork and innovation awards. 

Daumont has worked closely with Lethbridge College to deliver training to all new recruits of CVE, and she supports a scholarship to Commercial Vehicle Enforcement program graduates. She recently collaborated with the college to update the training program to a competency-based curriculum and also serves as a member of the School of Justice Studies Program Advisory Committee. An avid volunteer, Daumont has served on the board of directors for the Legacy Place Society and the Strive Dance Academy Society and is currently commissioner on the board of commission for CALEA.

HE-Obed_Maurice.jpg Career Virtuoso

Obed Maurice (Business Administration 2000)

Obed Maurice is this year’s Career Virtuoso award recipient. A lifelong entrepreneur, Maurice has always sought opportunities to improve the traditional ways of doing things. Asking “why not?” is his typical response when considering an out-of-the-box idea. Following his graduation from Lethbridge College, Maurice received his Bachelor of Management degree from the University of Lethbridge, and then went on to earn his Chartered Accountant designation. Entering industry, Maurice looked for opportunities to automate, enhance and refine processes, while improving the customer experience for his clients. In 2011, he founded Maxim Management, one of Canada’s first virtual accounting firms.

In 2018, Maurice merged his practice to join forces with Avail CPA. As a partner at Avail LLP, Maurice has set a goal of leading the accounting industry into the future and changing the way the profession is viewed. Much of his work today is centred on using technology and innovation to improve people’s financial wellbeing. In 2018, he co-founded CliQue Advisor – a financial advisory technology. This technology has received recognition and funding from Alberta Innovates and the National Research Council. Maurice is one of the first Canadians to sit on Intuit’s Accountant Council, speaks at engagements across Canada and the United States, and is often asked to share his ideas on disruption and innovation in the financial sector. Aside from work, Maurice has been married for 10 years and has a four-year-old daughter.

HE-Marci_Neher_Schwengler.jpg Community Leader

Marci Neher-Schwengler (Nursing 1988)

Marci Neher-Schwengler is the recipient of this year’s Community Leader award. Neher-Schwengler has committed to a personal nursing philosophy that nursing is more than just a career – it is a privilege taken upon by people who are passionate about using their knowledge and skills to help and advocate for those who are unable to help themselves. Kindness, empathy and a passion for life-long learning are the cornerstones.

Following her time at Lethbridge College, Neher-Schwengler earned both her Bachelor of Nursing and Master of Nursing from the University of Lethbridge. She has worked as a Registered Nurse for 30 years in a variety of roles, including bedside acute care nurse, advanced practice nurse and clinical educator. For the last three years, she has been manager of the Intensive Care Unit and Coronary Care Unit at Lethbridge’s Chinook Regional Hospital. Known for going above and beyond for her patients, Neher-Schwengler has built a sense of community in the hospital. She received an ARNET scholarship for her work on PTSD post-critical illness, and she was part of a group of Registered Nurses in her workplace awarded the AHS President’s Excellence award for their work on the prevention of delirium in the critical care setting. She continues to make her community a better place, as she has begun a new career educating the next generation of nurses as a clinical educator and lecturer at the University of Lethbridge.

HE-Josh_Daychief.jpg Rising Star

Joshua Day Chief (Environmental Assessment and Restoration 2013)

Joshua Day Chief is this year’s Rising Star award recipient. Just seven years after graduating from Lethbridge College, Day Chief is CEO of AdvancedAg Inc., a family-owned company focused on producing beneficial blends of bacteria for crop and soil health. Day Chief’s first steps into the industry in 2013 were working a research projects for Advanced Water Technologies (AWT), a company owned by his mother, Phyllis Day Chief, while also juggling a job in the environmental consulting world. AWT’s projects focused on using bacteria to naturally clean up lakes and stormwater ponds. Day Chief helped to double AWT’s client list in the first year, while also researching and marketing a bacteria-based product for agriculture, which helped to diversify and grow the company.

Day Chief enjoys the challenge of new opportunities and engages a team approach to drive projects. He’s a natural leader and his ability to share his vision with others allows them to buy-in to his projects. In 2017, AWT had applied bacteria to roughly 1,000 acres and added one new brew location, with farmers noting increased plant health and yield for their farms, while allowing them to cut back on harmful chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. With AWT still in operation, AdvancedAg Inc. was created the following year to meet the demand in the agriculture market. Investing in research, Day Chief’s team developed new technology and software to culture and grow their “bugs.” In 2020, AdvancedAg Inc. has 25 brew facilities across Canada and will treat close to 400,000 acres of crops, while maintaining a strong, growing client base for water restoration. 

Past honourees

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Every spring, the Lethbridge College community comes together to honour notable graduates who are making their mark in the world. We invite you to celebrate the individuals whose perseverance, determination and grit set them apart and led them to rise to the top of their careers and communities.

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Criteria to consider for Honouring Excellence awards


Distinguished Alumni Award

Established in 1992 to commemorate the college's 35th anniversary, this prestigious award recognizes college graduates who have distinguished themselves in their chosen careers, made a significant contribution to their communities and demonstrated service to the college and its students.

Award criteria and supporting documents


Supporting documents to include

Distinguished themselves in his or her chosen career.

An outline of the nominee’s career success.

Made a significant contribution to his or her community.

Several examples of the nominee’s community involvement.

Demonstrated service to the college and its students.

Several examples of the nominee’s service to the college and its students.


Any additional awards the nominee has received.

Community Leader Award

Presented to an alumnus who, regardless of where his/her good deeds were performed, has made contributions to the community through work or personal interests. Award winners are those with the drive to improve the lives of fellow citizens.

Award criteria and supporting documents


Supporting documents to include

Made contributions to their communities through work or personal interests.

An outline of the nominee’s community involvement.

Driven to improve and change the lives of fellow citizens.

Specific examples of how the nominee has changed his/her community.


Any official recognition from community groups.

Career Virtuoso Award

Presented to an alumnus who has made significant contributions to his/her professional field through diligence, talent and dedication. Career Virtuoso Award winners are the inventors, creators and leaders who find new paths to excellence and bring prominence to their chosen fields. Their career paths have shown a steady rise towards success that is recognized by their peers and in their industry.

Award criteria and supporting documents


Supporting documents to include

Made contributions to their professional fields through diligence, talent and dedication.

A detailed outline of the nominee’s contributions to his/her professional field.

Has elevated their profession and found new paths to excellence; bringing prominence to his or her chosen fields.

Specific examples of how the nominee has advanced his/her profession.

Their career path has shown a steady rise towards success which is recognized by peers and in his or her industry.

Any official recognition (e.g. awards) the nominee has received from industry peers.

Rising Star Award

Some careers simply explode onto the scene. Rising stars are those who, within 10 years of graduation from Lethbridge College, have left trails of success as they hurtle above the crowd to claim their places as driven innovators in their professions.

Award criteria and supporting documents


Supporting documents to include

Within 10 years of graduation, they have demonstrated many forms of success (such as career, community or Lethbridge College involvement).

Several examples of the nominee’s rapid success.


Several examples that demonstrate the nominee’s innovativeness.


Specific examples of how the nominee sets him/herself apart.


All nominations must also include:

  • a letter of support from the nominator (or yourself, if self-nominating)
  • a letter of support from a third party
  • the nominee's resume or CV

For more information regarding Honouring Excellence, including sponsorship opportunities, nominations or tickets, please contact Stephanie Savage, Alumni Engagement at alumni@lethbridgecollege.ca or 403-329-7220