Meet our Student Ambassadors. Just like you, they came to Lethbridge College to join our community and prepare for the career of their dreams. Our student ambassadors are also here for you. Reach out to the recruitment services team to connect with an ambassador.


Adeeko Motunrayo (Rennie)

Hi friends, my name is Adeeko Motunrayo (Rennie), and I’m from Lagos, Nigeria.

I migrated to Canada in March 2021 as an international student and moved to Lethbridge in September for school.

I am taking General Arts and Science but transitioning to Nursing at Lethbridge College because it feels like home, and I get help and support from college resources. (I use the Learning Café and talk to my advisors).

I graduated from high school in 2014 and have a diploma and a BSc in kinesiology from Nigeria. I decided to travel to Canada because I wanted a different career path and a better opportunity for myself and my family.

I love studying here because of the fantastic instructors and staff willing to help me through any problem every step of the way. I am eager to answer any of your questions and put you in touch with resources to assist with your post-secondary planning.

Welcome to Lethbridge College!



Lane Beekman

Oki, hello, and bonjour!

My name is Lane, and I am so excited about having the chance to be a Student Ambassador here at Lethbridge College. I have recently graduated with a General Arts and Science - Psychology and Sociology Diploma from Lethbridge College.

One of my passions is ensuring that new, current, and prospective students have the knowledge of and access to resources needed for a successful learning experience.

Lethbridge College has many academic and community resources that work to help you be successful and healthy as a student.

Do you need help finding the resources you would need as a future or current student? I and all the Student Ambassadors at Lethbridge College would love to help you!