Meet our Student Ambassadors. Just like you, they came to Lethbridge College to join our community and prepare for the career of their dreams. Our student ambassadors are also here for you. Reach out to the recruitment services team to connect with an ambassador.


Anthony Lamai

Hi, my name is Anthony Lamai, and I am a second-year Computer Information Technology student. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, I moved to Lethbridge in January 2019 to prepare for a career as a database administrator. I am excited to answer any questions you have about moving to Lethbridge, about what makes Lethbridge College such a great institution to further your education, and about how welcoming the people are. Also, I am happy to talk about work/life balance as a student. Apart from being a CIT student, I am very passionate about soccer. I'm a huge Manchester United fan and I enjoy movie marathons, trying new cuisines and travelling. Feel free to reach out with any questions!


Ken Lastuka

Born and raised in Lethbridge, I am a Multimedia and VXR graduate currently enrolled in the Architectural Animation Technology program. My career specialization is within the development of level design and 3D environmental artistry used in the creation of video games, in addition to other digital mediums such as virtual reality. My interest in digital architecture originates from a desire to further refine my skillset in the creation of immersive structural layouts that can ultimately be implemented within my already established expertise of 3D environmental design.


Celia Saraí Torres Moreno

(you can just call me Sara) 

I was born and raised in Mexico and came to Canada one year ago with my two sons and my husband to study Architectural Animation Technology. I completed an internship doing Architectural Restoration in Florence, Italy, in 2012 and earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana Leon in 2013. My biggest passions are traveling, photography, my family and (of course) architecture. I enjoy camping but when I’m in the city, I like to make architectural photography and analyse how people interact and are affected by architecture and design, and look at how we can improve those places. I am always happy to talk about why I chose Lethbridge College to enrich my education and what I have learned from being an international student in two completely different occasions. I just love sharing and learning from different cultures, so don’t forget to ask me about cool places to visit in Mexico and must-try Mexican food!


Katherine “Katie” Gabert

Hi! My name is Katherine Gabert, and I grew up in Innisfail, Alta. I graduated high school and came straight to Lethbridge College. I am in my second year of the RN program, working towards a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I’m very passionate about community involvement and volunteer work, both here in Lethbridge and in my hometown. I love drinking tea, being outside, reading and exploring all that Lethbridge has to offer. If you have any questions about Lethbridge College, making the transition to college as a young student, school/life balance, or anything else you might be wondering about, don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll figure out the answers together!