Ready to Connect students will leave Lethbridge College with increased confidence and experience adapting to unprecedented circumstances. This investment in students supports them to make a difference in the world, as we support their transition by removing the barriers they faced to education.

Ready to Connect

At Lethbridge College, we provide flexible, innovative and collaborative learning support to all students. That’s why Lethbridge College is pleased to be launching our Ready to Connect program, which places an emphasis on students who align and identify with traditionally underrepresented groups but not limited to, Indigenous peoples, women, visible minorities, 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals, people with disabilities and newcomers to Canada. 

This program is designed to better prepare 20 learners each year for success in a Lethbridge College diploma, pre-employment or certificate program of their choice by providing:

  • financial support for up to two years at Lethbridge College
  • constant guidance from Lethbridge College professionals
  • support services including career development, academic skills support and wellness
  • strong mentorship

Grade 12 students who enrol in Ready to Connect will learn how to navigate the transition from high school to post-secondary to be ready for a career as resilient members of a thriving community.

Ready to Connect Application

Opens March 7, 2022.

Please select one of the following two options if you are either a high school counsellor nominating a student or self nominating student.

Counsellor nomination form Self nomination form

Help us connect with students who most need this opportunity

We know many students from underserved backgrounds have barriers to pursuing post-secondary education. Ready to Connect aims to reduce those barriers. Creating a structured pathway into and through post-secondary serves as a catalyst for student success.

Our experienced Student Affairs team will work with Ready to Connect students, starting in their Grade 12 year. But first, we need the help of our partners — high school counsellors — to identify and refer students who meet program criteria.

This collaborative approach allows us to work across our community, helping to mitigate the challenges students face even before their first day on our campus.

What students can expect in Year 1

Once enrolled in Ready to Connect, students will work with Lethbridge College professionals on a range of activities to support their college success.

  • Career exploration activities to help them identify a program that fits with their interests and passion
  • Support to ensure they meet admission requirements for their program of choice
  • Peer-to-peer support from a current student serving as mentor
  • Program funding to alleviate financial barriers to college
  • Ongoing support from an assigned Lethbridge College advisor
  • Participation in activities to enhance student experience and develop career skills
  • Opportunities in their second year to mentor other students

What students can expect in Year 2

The second year of Ready to Connect will focus on students successfully completing their programs and graduating, as well as learning about career advancement that can lead them to employment. Lethbridge College will identify work-integrated learning opportunities for students to experience their industries first-hand. Additionally, we will support students in their search for employment or assist them in their choice to transfer to degree programs. Financial support will be provided to graduates once they complete both terms of their program and Ready to Connect, in good academic standing or greater.