Join us on the Road to Ready

Lethbridge College invites you to be part of setting our institution on the Road to Ready. This comprehensive review of our current and desired future state will invite a diversity of voices, including students, employees, Indigenous community partners, alumni, partners, friends and the public. Our goals are to help us define our purpose with a focus on the future, and establish what we need to do to deliver on that promise.

This process will dive into understanding Lethbridge College’s purpose, mission and vision for the future. We will measure our performance against this mission and vision.

The Road to Ready is a map to guide our future. Just like a road trip, we can expect there will be detours and adventures along the way. But by engaging with our many stakeholders, and with planning and strategic thinking, we can set a direction for the future that delivers Lethbridge College to our preferred destination.

This webpage will be the single source of information through this process as part of our commitment to transparency and inclusion.

Phase 1

Process development


Phase 2

Exploration, listening, research

 We are here


Phase 3

Ideation and development


Phase 4

Finalization, communication and kick off

Phase 1 – Process development January 2023
  • Board review and approval of planning process (January 31)
  • Employee town halls and email communication with employees and current students to describe the process and invite participation (January 2023)
  • Creation of a steering committee (early February 2023)
Phase 2 – Exploration, listening, research (February to April 2023)
  • Environmental scan, including review of the college’s existing strategic-related documents
  • Stakeholder consultations, including surveys, focus groups, data collection in-person and digitally, and online collaboration to encourage discussion among stakeholders
  • Board of Governors discussion of ambition and risk tolerance
Phase 3 – Ideation and development (May to September 2023)
  • Assessment of Phase 2 data (May to June 2023)
  • Development of strategic options (July to August)
  • Board review of strategic options (September 2023)
  • Development of draft vision, mission and values (September 2023)
  • Engagement and review of draft (September 2023)
Phase 4 – Finalization, communication and kick off (October 2023)
  • Drafts for review by Board of Governors (September 2023 Board meeting)
  • Development and launch of communication plan (October 2023)
  • Approval of final document (October 2023)
  • Integration into college operational and resource planning (October 2023 onward)
  • Development of assessment and accountability framework (November 2023)


What we will achieve

To develop a vision, mission, values and institutional priorities that are:

  • Inspirational, aspirational and empowering to everyone in the Lethbridge College community
  • Succinct and focused on priorities that differentiate the college, build on its previous successes and seize opportunities in the face of challenge to achieve our mission
  • Measurable to track progress and dynamically shift as needed
  • Frame the priorities for the institution going forward


Principles guiding this process

We commit to ensuring the Road to Ready process is:

  • Inclusive – Our process will be equitable, diverse and inclusive of ideas and perspectives through consultation and engagement of internal and external communities, stakeholders and partners.
  • Transparent – The process is clear, and regular communications will be shared as will rationale behind decisions.
  • Future-focused – We will focus on what we must aspire and do to meet the future needs of the college and its stakeholders.
  • Open-minded – We are willing to embrace new ideas and challenge assumed standards or norms
  • Iterative – We will be informed by data collected during the process.