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Come Celebrate Pride with our college community

Boban Stojanovic is a Serbian-Canadian human rights activist, author, public speaker, and LGBTQ+ refuge in Calgary. Currently, Boban works as a settlement practitioner and outreach worker for LGBTQ+ Services at the Centre for Newcomers in Calgary.

Stojanovic is one of the most prominent LGBTQ+ activists in Serbia, as well as one of the most important in Eastern Europe. Boban has been involved in the human rights movement for almost 20 years.

In his speech, Boban Stojanovic will share the lessons he learned with dealing with peace and LGBT activism in Eastern Europe, lessons related to the everyday life of LGBTQ people, and his experience in dealing with LGBTQ refugees in Canada.

Learning outcomes:

      • Students have more relevant information on the social and political situation and the LGBTQ+ community in Eastern Europe.
      • Students are pro-active in engaging with LGBTQ refugees and newcomers and are visibly welcoming, and safe.
      • Local services are more accessible for LGBTQ refugees and newcomers.
  • Queer 102 workshop 1:30-2:30 Richardson Oilseed
  • The Birds & the Birds, The Bees & The Bees 3-4 Richardson Oilseed