Date(s) and Time(s)
TE3217 and TE3219

Lethbridge College invites you to visit TE3217 and TE3219 for a free event featuring augmented and virtual reality from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday during a Global VR Day celebration. Demonstrations, games and a chance to learn about the practical uses of VR and AR in the educational and business worlds all await visitors to this event.

Joining Lethbridge College will be two local businesses — Collaborative Edge XR, a company that uses new technologies to increase the speed and accuracy of communication, store and recall concepts; and Simulacrum Interactive, a content creation company that uses emerging technologies for marketing and promotional applications, education, prototyping, entertainment and more. The college uses VR/AR technology in many of its programs, including Multimedia Production, Interior Design Technology, Digital Communications and Media and Wind Turbine Technology. The event is supported by the Alberta Chapter of the VR/AR Association.