Date(s) and Time(s)
Online AND In Person [CE1305 (Richard Oilseed Room)]

This workshop combines research and lived experience to outline and discuss practices which harm or support gender diversity. The presentation is one hour long with an optional 30-minute question period afterward.

  • Learning Outcomes: 
    • Establish an up-to-date and mutual understanding of select terms and concepts useful for discussing gender diversity in an accurate and respectful way. 
    • Outline and discuss significant contributors to and manifestations of the systemic marginalization (attempted erasure) of gender diversity. 
    • Distinguish between effective and ineffective allyship strategies as they relate to institutional policy (autonomy, specificity, and inclusion) and culture (communication and allyship).
  • This is not a space to debate the existence or morality of trans identities – in fact the validity and moral neutrality of trans identities is assumed by the presenter – but rather a space to develop a multi-faceted definition of effective gender diverse allyship so that trans audience members can seek out or demand it and ally audience members can provide it.