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Evaluative Tools and Methods

Presenter(s): Nancy Russel and Charlie McArthur

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This session will support participants with our second institutional health and wellness goal – ongoing evaluation.  

Evaluation provides a systematic process for assessing a program, practice, or intervention, in order to understand how well it achieves its goals. Evaluations help determine what works well and what should be improved. We can easily get entrenched in our work and be focused on the doing, but it’s crucial that we also stop and reflect to make sure that what we are doing, is effective. 

This session is intended for Managers and will focus on one method to help guide departments in their data collecting efforts. This preliminary discussion will help support the brainstorming process of a LC Cares – Stronger Together health and wellness index. Light pre-workshop materials will be provided to participants beforehand. Please come prepared to discuss and engage with others.   

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