Date(s) and Time(s)
Val Matteotti Gymnasium

Ready to celebrate the diversity of our community as we come together to live, learn and grow!

Musicians, dancers, artisans and community organizations will all come together to celebrate the many different cultures and backgrounds that make up our diverse campus.

Food Fair – Entertainment – Exhibitors

  • free admission
  • doors open at 11 a.m.
  • food served at 11:30 a.m. (food fair ticket required)

All are welcome to enjoy the entertainment, culture and displays that make up Bridging Cultures.

Advanced food fair ticket sales available for purchase at the LCSA or Culinary Market
LC students: $2 (college ID required)
Everyone else: $5

Food fair tickets at the door: $10



Gluten-free and vegetarian options available upon request.

  • sushi
  • soft vegetable and noodle spring rolls
  • English individual shepherd’s pie
  • roasted vegetable and herbs with mashed potato
  • Brazilian chicken Ballantine
  • cheese and mushroom rissoles
  • BBQ beef sliders
  • lentil veggie burger sliders

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Bridging Cultures-176.jpg

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