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Lethbridge is shaping up to be a battleground city in the upcoming provincial election.


Although the new United Conservative Party leads in both Lethbridge West (34.9%) and Lethbridge East (31.5%), and in the city overall (33.1%), their lead over the incumbent NDP (approximately 10% in both ridings) is narrow compared to most other areas of southern Alberta and the province as a whole where the UCP holds a commanding 30 point lead.


The governing NDP is polling at or slightly better than its provincial average (23.2%) in both Lethbridge West (24.8%) and Lethbridge East (22.2%) but the UCP is polling well below its provincial average (49.2%) in both ridings.


With nearly one-fifth of all Lethbridge voters still undecided (19.3%), and with the provincial Liberals (12.6%) ready to pay spoiler if they can get their primarily young voting base to the polls, both Lethbridge ridings are up for grabs only weeks prior to the provincial vote.


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