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This report analyzes Albertans' opinions about their provincial government's carbon reduction strategy. After nearly two years of experience with the Alberta government’s carbon levy and rebate policies, a clear majority of Albertans (55.0%) remain opposed, considerably fewer than the 67.2% who were opposed at the same time in 2016 before full details of the rebate structure where known to voters. More than two of every five Albertans are supportive (45.0%), considerably more than the one-third (32.8%) who thought similarly in 2016.

Opposition is much more intense than is support in that more than twice as many Albertans (38.3%) are strongly opposed to the government’s carbon program than are strongly supportive (14.2%).  

Edmonton is the only area of the province to indicate majority support for the government’s carbon levy and rebate policies (53.7%). Substantial majorities in all other areas of the province are opposed, with opposition strongest in northern Alberta (63.6%), followed by southern Alberta (58.5%) and Calgary (53.7%).

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Provincial Politics - Carbon Plan 2018.pdf