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This report analyzes Albertans' opinion on five dimensions about environmentally sustainable agriculture practices within the province. Understanding that everyone has a role to play in ensuring Alberta agricultural practices are environmentally sustainable, when asked to choose who should hold primary responsibility, a clear majority of Alberta residents (57.4%) side with Alberta farmers, a considerable jump from the 46.3% who responded similarly last fall. Over one-third believe one or the other levels of government should be primarily responsible, more siding with the provincial government (23.3%) than the federal government (15.0%). Very few Albertans (4.2%) believe non-governmental environment groups should be primarily responsible.

  • The vast majority of Alberta residents (92.5%) agree that livestock are treated humanely on Alberta farms. 
  • Most Alberta residents (86.5%) also agree that Alberta livestock producers are using water responsibly.
  • Nine of every ten Alberta residents (91.8%) agree that recycling livestock manure by spreading it on crop fields is an environmentally acceptable practice.
  • A clear majority of Alberta residents (66.0%) disagree with the practice of using growth hormones in livestock production. Two of every five (39.8%) strongly disagree while slightly more than one-quarter (26.2%) somewhat disagree.

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Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture - Alberta Winter 2019.pdf