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On January 1, 2017, Albertans began paying the provincial government’s carbon tax on gasoline, diesel, propane and natural gas. Later in the month, over sixty percent of Alberta families received a carbon rebate from the government, the amount of which varied depending on income and number of dependent children in the household. When asked to express their opinions about the provincial government’s carbon tax and rebate program, a majority of Lethbridge residents stated they are opposed (54.6%). More than two of every five Lethbridge residents (45.4%) are supportive. Nearly seven percent did not know how to respond, while six respondents refused to provide an opinion. These later cases have been removed from the summary data below.   

  • While a slight majority was opposed in 2016 (56.6%), opposition peaked at nearly two-thirds (64.3%) opposed to the plan in 2017 after its initial implementation. Opposition has moderated to pre-implementation levels approximately one year into the program.
  • Support levels have increased to 45.4% from only slightly more than one-third in 2017 (35.7%).
  • Opposition is more intense than is support. For example, 36.3% of all Lethbridge residents strongly opposed but only 13.8% strongly supportive. Conversely, 31.6% of Lethbridge residents are somewhat supportive but only 18.3% are somewhat opposed.

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Carbon Levy and Rebate - Lethbridge 2018.pdf