Citizen Society Research Lab

This report analyzes vote intention preferences among Albertans approximately six months before the next scheduled provincial election.

The governing NDP commands slightly less than one-quarter of decided Albertans’ vote preferences (24.8%), up substantially from less than one in five at the same time in 2017 (19.3%) and 2016 (19.7%).

The United Conservative Party garners close to a majority of decided Albertans voting preferences (48.6%), down slightly from the clear majority (55.8%) it was receiving in the immediate post-merger period last year at this time.

The provincial Liberals (11.3%) have rebounded considerably from their 2015 election support levels (4.2%), but still trail the two major parties by large margins in every region of the province.

The Alberta Party (8.4%) is supported by less than on in ten Alberta voters while other parties and candidates are supported by 6.8% of decided voters. Less than one in ten voters (9.3%) are currently undecided about which party they would be most likely to vote.

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Alberta Politics - Provincial Vote Intention Fall 2018.pdf