Citizen Society Research Lab

This report analyzes Albertans' opinions about their provincial government's carbon reduction strategies.

After two years of experience with the Alberta government’s carbon levy and rebate policies, nearly two-thirds of Albertans (65.4%) remain opposed, almost as many as those opposed at the same time in 2016 before full details of the rebate structure where known to voters (67.2%). Slightly more than one-third of Albertans are supportive (34.6%), similar to the one-third (32.8%) who thought similarly in 2016. Only 6.1% of Albertans were undecided about these policies while 0.8% refused to answer, these cases have been removed from the tabular data below.

Opposition is much more intense than is support. For example, nearly half of Albertans (48.8%) are strongly opposed to the government’s carbon program while only 12.7% are strongly supportive. Moderate support (21.9%) is only slightly greater than moderate opposition (16.5%).

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Provincial Politics - Carbon Plan 2019.pdf