This year, Lethbridge College students will receive well over $1.5 million in scholarships and awards.

With just one online application, you can apply for all of the awards and scholarships you may be eligible for within our Lethbridge College awards program

  • This opportunity opens March 1 of each year, 
  • It closes for continuing and graduating students May 1. (Continuing status applies to students choosing a 'major' or 'stream' within a program.)
  • Please carefully review the definitions of the categories at the 'top' of the application. 
  • It closes July 15 for students entering the college for the first time, switching to a new program (not changing 'majors'), or for those who began their College program in January of the current year. 

Nursing (NESA) and After-Degree Nursing students who wish to be considered for academic entrance awards (Scholarships) must send transcripts to [email protected] as the College does not have access to those records. These must be received prior to the application deadline. Nursing and After Degree Nursing students who have finished their time with the College should be applying to the University of Lethbridge for transfer awards as they don't fit into the 'continuing' or 'graduating' Lethbrige College categories.

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Lethbridge College Awards Application

 Please note - almost all Lethbridge College Entrance and Continuing awards are contingent on FULL-TIME enrolment (and other criteria if noted in the awards letter) in the fall term and are credited to student accounts once the recipient has contacted [email protected] 

Provincial awards

Please note that Alberta residency is based on the provincial government's definition - for example, for 'dependent' students it is required that the parent(s) also reside in Alberta - again, visit Student Aid for more information.

  •  Jason Lang and Louise McKinney scholarships are restricted to Alberta residents currently registered with the nominating institution (the full criteria for both scholarships can be found on Student Aid Alberta).
  • Recent changes to that program mean that students who have just transferred to the college must check in with us to see what is required in order to be considered/nominated. (This would include sending us the relevant proof of marks/credits earned)

Current students who qualify for either scholarship are nominated by our office based on College/received data. However, we may need additional information from you so please monitor your '' email account for messages from [email protected].  Failure to respond means missing out on being nominated. 

Indigenous Careers Award

  • Indigenous students continuing full-time in credit programs may be eligible for this $2000/term award. 
  • There are application deadlines and criteria restrictions so be sure to check with us for those dates, facts, and the application. 
  • Information on this award is posted on Canvas during application periods.
  • This award is based on a limited allocation so restrictions (such as minimum GPA) may be imposed - award is not guaranteed.

Health Care Aid Certificate Bursaries (contingent on availability and administered by Norquest)

Our Health Care Aid students are eligible for up to $9000 in bursary funds administered by the province. 


Lethbridge College administered awards

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All Entrance Awards A-Z

Awarded to a student who has demonstrated academic excellence upon completion of Welding Apprenticeship Year I.

Awarded to a Lethbridge College student who has successfully completed the electrical apprenticeship demonstrating academic achievement, collaboration with classmates and/or community involvement.

Awarded to a student entering Pathway to English and Academic Culture for the first time or, having completed at least one term of English training, is now entering a post-secondary program.

Awarded to a student entering a Lethbridge College program on a full-time basis who is a graduate of Picture Butte High School who demonstrates financial need.

Awarded to a full-time student entering a Lethbridge College post-secondary program who demonstrates financial need. Recipients must be Alberta residents.

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To narrow down results that are most relevant to you, choose your program from the drop-down list below or type a keyword (eg. award name or subject).


All Continuing Awards A-Z

Awarded to a full-time continuing student who demonstrates strong leadership aptitude through participation in school or community activities as well as financial need. Preference is for a student who is an ASET member.

Awarded to a Kodiak athlete at the college based on the demonstration of leadership, community involvement and/or volunteerism in combination with academic achievement. One award will go to a student athlete on a women's team and one will go to a student athlete on a men's team.

Awarded to a full-time continuing student within the Centre for Justice and Human Services who demonstrates financial need and has overcome obstacles/adversity and demonstrates commitment to their post-secondary studies.

Awarded to the welding apprentice viewed as the best overall from second year.

Awarded to an Electrical apprenticeship student continuing into 4th year, based on a combination of financial need, marks of 70% or better, and either triumph over personal challenges or community service work which enriched the lives of others as perceived by faculty.

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Featured Awards

Lethbridge College offers a wide range of awards to suit diverse interests, and we’re always adding more. When you fill out our online application, you will be matched to various awards criteria. Your application will then be reviewed by a committee and successful applicants will be notified by mail. Be sure to update your address in Self Service if you move.

New award highlights

Dragonfly Education Award

The dragonfly represents change that results in growth. For many, this growth is achieved through higher education. The founder of this fund believes that education is one way people can achieve their goals of growth, transformation, and self-realization. The Dragonfly Fund was established to support facing financial barriers that could potentially prevent them from completing their educational journey. 

The Dragonfly Fund also supports the annual Dragonfly Education Award which is awarded to a full-time continuing student in a variety of post-secondary programs, for demonstration of exceptional academic achievement at Lethbridge College, as well as the ability to demonstrate that unmet need may result in their withdrawal from studies. Recipient must be a Canadian citizen. (One award at $3,000) 

1st Choice Savings Awards

Awarded to students in the Bachelor of Agriculture Science degree program and the Agriculture Sciences diploma program who demonstrate academic achievement and financial need. (25 awards between $500 and $1000)

Bruce McKillop Awards

Awarded to students in a wide range of programs who have overcome academic or personal obstacles in order to pursue, continue and/or complete a post-secondary education. (23 awards between $1000 and $2500)

FortisAlberta Indigenous Awards

Awarded to Indigenous students who are entering a post-secondary program (full-time) at Lethbridge College. Selection will be based on the demonstration of financial need. Preference will be given to Indigenous students who are from Fortis-served communities. (These are: Alexander, Alexis, Beaver Lake, Enoch, Heart Lake, Paul, Ermineskin, Louis Bull, Montana, Samson, Sunchild, Ochiese, Stoney (Bearspaw, Chiniki, Wesley), Blood, Siksika, Piikani, Tsuu T'ina, Buffal Lake, Kikino). (4 awards at $2500)

 Katharina Martha Herbst Practical Nurse Award

Awarded to a graduating Practical Nursing student for the demonstration of 'caring and kindness' to fellow students, exemplary leadership, and an interest in  lifelong learning. (1 award at $1000)

Le Barons Car Club Automotive Award

Awarded to a student graduating from the Automotive Systems program for demonstration of enthusiasm for the automotive industry and a high regard for workplace safety. Preference will be given to students who have interest in vintage cars. (1 award at $1000)

Lethbridge College Immersive Technology Outstanding Achievement Post Diploma Award 

Funded by supporters of the 30th Annual Clayton Allen Wine Auction, this award is for Lethbridge College Alumni who are entering the Virtual and Augmented Reality (VXR) Certificate program. Selection will be based on outstanding academic achievement in a prior Lethbridge College program, the submission of a portfolio, and an essay on immersive technologies career interests. Rating of portfolios will be based on the applicant’s proficiency in spatial media and/or other digital graphic design. Preference will be given to applicants who have completed Architectural Animation Technology, Interior Design Technology, Multimedia Production. Computer Information Technology, Engineering Design Technology and/or other Lethbridge College programs complementary to immersive technologies. (2 awards at $4000)

Simpson-Markinch Foundation Awards

Awarded to students in a wide range of programs who are Alberta residents and demonstrate financial need. (20 awards at $1000)

Wellman Family Memorial Awards

 The Cal Wellman Memorial Award is awarded to a mature Indigenous entrance student who demonstrates financial need and who has overcome obstacles in order  to pursue post-secondary education. Preference will be given to those studying Agriculture Sciences. (2 awards at $3000)

 The Doris M. Wellman Memorial Award is awarded to a mature female Indigenous entrance student who demonstrates financial need and has overcome obstacles in  order to pursue post-secondary education. Preference will be given to those studying Business Administration. (2 awards at $3000)


External awards

A variety of external awards are listed below, though this list is limited. External awards opportunities exist in too many places for us to provide you with a comprehensive list. 

Some scholarship search engines require registration but do a lot of the work for you: 

 student Life Network

Awards for LGBTQ students
Awards for Indigenous students

You'll find a complete listing of available Indigenous scholarships and awards in the Indigenous Services section of our website.

Belcourt Brousseau and other ECF awards

Indigenous Bursaries Search Tool

BluEarth Renewables Scholarship Program

TC Energy Scholarship

Métis Nation Post-Secondary Education Strategy --MEF Early Learning and Child Care Metis Scholar Award and funding for final years of post-secondary programs

Scholarship for Indigenous Students (National Union of Public and General Employees)

Alberta Blue Cross Indigenous Scholarships

Alberta Government Indigenous scholarships

First Nations, Metis and Inuit Undergraduate Bursary

RBC Future Launch Indigenous Scholarship

Indigenous Skills and Employment (for non-status, Eastern Metis and Southern Inuit)

Indspire Awards

Primary Indigenous Bursary (engineering, Powerline, IT)

Awards for Digital Communications/Other Media students
Awards for Early Childhood Education students
Awards for Engineering students