When can I apply for Residence?

We accept applications starting November 1st for the following Fall term. Winter only terms can apply starting September 1st of the preceding term.  

We encourage you to apply for residence as soon as you are accepted into your program.

How do I apply for Residence?

To apply for residence you must complete the intent to apply form as well as submit a $50 application fee. Forms can be found on the Residence Life webpage or they can be obtained at the Kodiak House Residence Office. Application forms can be submitted via fax, email, or mail.

What happens after I submit the intent form?

Once the Residence Life office receives receipt of payment for the intent to apply form you will be emailed a link to your personal and LC email to fill out the online questionnaire.  

Once the online questionnaire is complete, a $550 deposit will need to be paid. This will be held and become your deposit until you move out of residence, or returned to you if you do not get into residence.  

Please note: All correspondence after this link is sent will be done through Lethbridge College email ONLY

When will I be notified if I have a room?

New applicants can start the room selection process in March, after returning residents pick.  

Once rooms are full, we will start a waitlist and you will be sent an email regarding your position and what happens next.  

From the waitlist and upon availability (through others cancellations), you will be notified and then be placed in the room selection process 

How are roommates assigned?

You have the opportunity to pick your own roommates or assigned based on how you answered the online questionnaire.

The online questionnaire asks a series of questions pertaining to your study habits, the noise level you prefer, how you like to socialize, etc. When room assignments are being made, we try our best to ensure that individuals are roomed with others who have the similar living habits. 

I don’t feel that my gender identity or expression is represented in the transitional male and female housing arrangements. Is there another option?

We strive to provide our students with a housing arrangement that is inclusive of their gender identity and/or expression. 

If you are interested but have questions about Gender Inclusive Housing, please contact the Residence office. 

How do I cancel my residence contract?

If you have a confirmed spot in Residence and no longer require it, you must inform the Residence Life office in writing.

There is a financial penalty of $550 when you cancel your contract starting from July 1 (for Fall) or Nov. 1 (for Winter) up until your contract end date. Once you receive your keys, the contract termination penalty is $1,100 regardless of when the contract is terminated within your contract dates, and for any reason.

What does “Barrier-Free” mean?

Barrier free units are available in Kodiak House and some Two-bedroom suites. These units are wheelchair accessible and are equipped with a single extra- long bed, lowered counter tops and an accessible bathroom. 

Is there a meal plan available?

Meal plans are not offered.  

All residence units are equipped with full kitchens with the exception of Kodiak House. Kodiak House units are equipped with partial kitchens (fridge and microwave – you may also bring small appliances). 

What is my mailing address?

Your name, your unit #, 3010 College Dr. S Lethbridge, AB T1K 8A2 

How do I receive packages?

All packages come to our office first. Once we receive your packages you will receive an email notification.

Who do I call for lock-outs?

Lock out during office hours (8:30-4:30, Mon-Fri)

Please come to Residence Office in Cullen to sign off a spare key

Lock out after-hours

Please call RA on duty at 403-360-9703

Where can I get a parking pass?

Parking pass can be purchased at Bookstore.

Where is laundry facility?

Kodiak House: Kodiak basement
30th Ave-30th Residence Hall
Cullen-Cullen Residence Activity Centre

What is Tenant’s Insurance?

Tenant Insurance is to protect yourself and Lethbridge College in the event of loss or damage to your personal property while living in residence If your actions cause the damage of Lethbridge College property or other residents’ personal property.  

Starting in September 2020, all residents will automatically enrolled in a tenant's insurance program through Lethbridge College. For an annual premium of $75 Students will receive the following insurance coverage while they are living in residence: 

  • $10,000 Contents Coverage with $500 deductible 
  • $1,000.000 Personal Liability Coverage 
  • $2,500 Additional Living Expense 

Coverage begins as early as Aug. 15 and expires after 1 year. Refunds or proration will not be issued. If you have other comparable insurance in place, you can opt out by the Sept. 15th deadline. 

What is an RA?

Resident assistants (RAs) are students who have assigned blocks in residence. They assist with events and room inspections and can answer any questions you have about residence, school and life. Whenever the Residence Life office is closed, you can reach an RA on duty at 403-360-9703.