Living in residence means a lot more than just fast friends and a quick walk to class; you’re part of a community. To help build a strong community and foster a home-away-from-home atmosphere, we balance fun with responsibility. Residence Life organizes a wide variety of events to promote shared values in residence, academic success and overall fun times. Keep up-to-date with what’s going on by regularly checking our events calendar.

Resident assistants

Resident assistants (RAs) are students who have assigned blocks in residence. They assist with events and room inspections and can answer any questions you have about residence, school and life. Whenever the Residence Life office is closed, you can reach an RA on duty at 403-360-9703.

Residence contracts

Your responsibility while living in residence is to adhere to your contract. Residents in Kodiak House and our family suites are bound by the Lethbridge College Residential Tenancy Agreement while residents in shared suites at the Cullen and 30th Avenue residences are bound by the Lethbridge College Residence License Agreement, both of which are available in the Residence Life Handbook.

When you live in residence, you agree to live by the standards set out in these housing contracts as well as the rules set out in our Residence Life Handbook.

Rules and fines

Lethbridge College reserves the right to terminate the residency of any resident whose behaviour creates a significant disruption to another resident(s) or employee(s) of the board of the operation of the residence, or who exposes another resident(s) to significant, adverse behaviour.

As a resident of on-campus housing, you have the right:

  • to a quiet study environment
  • to sleep without being interrupted
  • not to babysit roommates or guests
  • not to have your personal property or your residence property damaged or left in a mess

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the residence rules in the Residence Life Handbook. To help promote a safe and healthy community, fines may be imposed for incidents or behaviours that affect other residents, staff or guests on campus. You will also find cleaning and maintenance sections, as well as sample lease agreements in the guide.

Rent payment schedule and cancellation policies

Fall term rent due: Aug. 1

Winter term rent due: Dec. 1

Rent is payable per term and is non-refundable.

Cancellation penalties

There is a financial penalty when you cancel your contract. You should consider what options are available on campus prior to making your final decision. Room changes can be accommodated through the Residence office, there is academic support through the Learning Café, Academic Student Advisors you can talk to, Shepell Student Support program, and Financial Aid to name a few places you may be able to find help.

Prior to moving into Residence you signed a contract to live in Residence for 1 or 2 terms (Fall and Winter, or Fall only, or Winter only terms).

If you cancel your residence at any time prior to your contract end date, there is a $550 cancelation penalty plus the equivalent of 1 month rent that will be deducted or charged to your account on the day we receive your keys, before refunds will be issued, as applicable.

You need to inform the Residence office in writing, by filling out a cancellation form. There is no penalty if you are moving off campus to do a practicum placement outside of Lethbridge.