Living on campus makes it easier to be involved with the larger campus community. Our RAs host weekly events and we also encourage attendance at campus-wide events, whether they are hosted by the students’ association, Kodiaks Athletics or other Student Affairs departments.

These opportunities allow you to take advantage of all that the college has to offer. Our Residence life team is actively engaged in promoting the well-being of all residents and ensure your experience while living in the residence neighbourhood is a positive one.

Important Residence Dates
Aug 1, 2023Fall Rent Due
Sept 2-3, 2023Move-in Day
Sept 4, 2023Office Closed (Labour Day)
Sept 6, 2023Fall Term Begins
Sept 15, 2023Tenant’s Insurance Opt-out Deadline
Sept 8, 2023Deferred Rent Deadline - student loans/sponsorships
Sept 28-Oct 8, 2023Residence Health and Safety Inspection
Sept 30, 2023Office Closed (National Day for Truth & Reconciliation)
Oct 9, 2022Office Closed (Thanksgiving)
Nov 1, 2023Residence Applications Open for Fall 2024
Nov 10, 2023Reading Week (Office Open)
Nov 13, 2023Office Closed (Remembrance Day)
Nov 27-Dec 8, 2023Residence Health and Safety Inspection
Dec 1, 2023Winter Rent Due
Dec 16, 2023Fall Residence Contract Ends
Dec 22 (noon), 2023 
- Jan 1, 2024
Office Closed (Christmas & New Years)
Jan 2, 2024Winter Move-in
Jan 3, 2024Winter Residence Contract Starts
Jan 5, 2024Deferred rent deadline - student loans/sponsorships
Jan 8, 2024Winter Term Begins
Jan 15, 2024Tenant’s Insurance Opt-Out Deadline (WN new intake ONLY)
Jan 22-Feb 2, 2024Residence Health and Safety Inspection
Feb 1-15, 2024Returning Applications open for the Fall 2024 semester
Feb 17-Mar 8, 2024Returning room selection for the Fall 2024 semester
Feb 19, 2024Office Closed (Family Day)
Feb 20-23, 2024Reading Week (Office Open)
Mar 25-Apr 5, 2024Residence Health and Safety Inspection
Mar 29, 2024Office Closed (Good Friday)
Apr 1, 2024Office Closed (Easter Monday)
Apr 27, 2024Winter Residence Contract Ends
May 20, 2024Office Closed (Victoria Day)
June 30, 2024Deadline for cancelling Fall 2024 contract with No Penalty

Residence Life Handbook

At Lethbridge College, we value freedom of expression, the advancement of human rights; respect, dignity and personal integrity for all people.

The handbook outlines our need to ensure everyone, of every background enjoys a college experience free from discrimination, harassment, intimidation and violence. It expresses our expectation that you'll be courteous, responsible and respectful of all members of the campus community. The residence handbook forms a part of your contract.

Download handbook

Roommate Agreements

Predict, prevent, and reduce roommate conflict with a roommate agreement!

While having roommates can be a wonderful opportunity to make friends and find study buddies, it can present some tough challenges. It's important to remember that interpersonal conflicts are inevitable but left unaddressed, can spill over into other aspects of your life such as mental wellness and academic performance.

The Residence Office has designed a convenient online Roommate Agreement to proactively help you and your roommates establish guidelines, avoid future disagreement, and provide a blueprint for navigating conflict, should it arise. The agreement will be sent through your Lethbridge College email address and linked on the Residence Self Service portal.

Provide your Feedback

We would love to hear from you! Responses are anonymous unless you provide your contact information.

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FAQs for Students in Residence

How do I cancel my residence contract?

If you have a confirmed spot in Residence and no longer require it, you must inform the Residence Life office in writing.

There is a financial penalty of $550 when you cancel your contract starting from July 1 (for Fall) or Nov. 1 (for Winter) up until your contract end date. Once you receive your keys, the contract termination penalty is $1,100 regardless of when the contract is terminated within your contract dates, and for any reason.

Is there a meal plan available?

Meal plans are not offered.  

All residence units are equipped with full kitchens with the exception of Kodiak House. Kodiak House units are equipped with partial kitchens (fridge and microwave – you may also bring small appliances). 

What is my mailing address?

Your name, your unit #, 3010 College Dr. S Lethbridge, AB T1K 8A2 

How do I receive packages?

All packages come to our office first. Once we receive your packages you will receive an email notification.

Who do I call for lock-outs?
Lock out during office hours (8:30-4:30, Mon-Fri)Please come to Residence Office in Cullen to sign off a spare key
Lock out after-hoursPlease call RA on duty at 403-360-9703
Where can I get a parking pass?

Parking pass can be purchased at Bookstore.

Where is laundry facility?

Kodiak House: Kodiak basement
30th Ave-30th Residence Hall
Cullen-Cullen Residence Activity Centre

What is Tenant’s Insurance?

Tenant Insurance is to protect yourself and Lethbridge College in the event of loss or damage to your personal property while living in residence If your actions cause the damage of Lethbridge College property or other residents’ personal property.  

All Lethbridge College residents are automatically enrolled in a tenant's insurance program. For an annual premium of $80, students will receive the following coverage while they are living in residence:

  • $10,000 Contents Coverage with $500 deductible 
  • $1,000.000 Personal Liability Coverage 
  • $2,500 Additional Living Expense 

Coverage begins as early as Aug. 15 and expires after 1 year. Refunds or proration will not be issued. If you have other comparable insurance in place, you can opt out by the Sept. 15th deadline. 

What is an RA?

Resident assistants (RAs) are students who have assigned blocks in residence. They assist with events and room inspections and can answer any questions you have about residence, school and life. Whenever the Residence Life office is closed, you can reach an RA on duty at 403-360-9703.

What do I do if I'm concerned about my roomate or neighbor's wellbeing?

Lethbridge College has established the Care Team to offer support to our community and to assist in addressing situations in which students are displaying behaviours that are concerning. The focus of the Care Team is care and concern and follow up for Lethbridge College students who may be in distress.

Visit the Care Team page to learn about what to refer and resources available.