Welcome to the Placement Office. Our team is responsible for the effective and efficient management and coordination of practice-based experiences (PBEs) for several college programs.

PBEs are the placements that provide learning with an industry partner – giving you a taste of what your future holds – and may be referred to as practicums, clinicals or fieldwork within your program. The college dictates the legal terms and conditions governing your PBE.

We work directly with academic programs and other college departments to ensure all respective processes, as they relate to your PBE, are addressed. This includes information regarding WCB, timelines for applications, immunizations and a variety of risk management issues. So whether your placement is on or off campus, you can be assured your placement will run smoothly. And if there are any bumps in the road, we’ll help you navigate them.

Pre-placement requirements

In arranging a PBE for you, we also help you meet your pre-placement requirements. These requirements are determined by your program and the practice agency and may also be legislated by government bodies. These requirements may address health, privacy and security, and occupational health and safety standards of our industry partners.

Once you’ve been accepted to a program, we’ll send an email to your @lethbridgecollege.ca account outlining steps for you to follow in meeting these requirements.

The following programs' PBEs are managed by the Placement Office:

  • Bachelor of Nursing – After Degree (BNAD)
  • Bachelor of Nursing (NESA)
  • Child and Youth Care (CYC)
  • Correctional Studies (CS)
  • Criminal Justice – Policing (CJP)
  • Early Childhood Education (ECE)
  • Educational Assistant (EA)
  • Exercise Science (ES)
  • Health Care Aide (HCA)
  • Justice Studies – Bachelor of Applied Arts (JS)
  • Massage Therapy (MT)
  • Medical Device Reprocessing (MDR)
  • Practical Nursing (PN)
  • Therapeutic Recreation – Gerontology (TRG)
  • Unit Clerk (UC)

For the above listed programs, download a chart here, for an overview of pre-placement requirements for your program of interest. Do not initiate any steps to meet these requirements prior to being accepted into a program and notified of next steps by the Placement Office.

Please note: Not all PBEs are handled by the Placement Office. If you don’t find information regarding your program of interest listed above, contact the program directly.