Our current quick facts are from a study conducted during the 2011-12 academic year by Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. While we knew we had a positive effect on the regional economy, the study quantified that effect and revealed that the benefits of Lethbridge College have a more extensive reach than we could have anticipated.

For instance, did you know…

  • For every $1 our students invest in their education at Lethbridge College, they receive a cumulative $4.40 in higher future earnings?
  • The added income created by the college and our students supported 9,852 job equivalents in 2011-12 alone?
  • Alberta taxpayers benefit from Lethbridge College in the form of higher tax receipts and reduced demand for government-supported social services?
  • Society as a whole benefits from an expanded economy and range of savings associated with the improved quality of life for our students?
  • The college and our students added $427.7 million in income to the Lethbridge area economy in 2011-12?
  • Our key stakeholder groups – students, society and taxpayers – all receive benefits for their investment in the college?