Theme 1: Governance & Community

Lethbridge College Leadership commits to prioritizing Indigenous education by establishing governance practices that strengthen and sustain Indigenous communities, thereby recognizing and respecting their diverse perspectives.

Focus 1.1

Operation of governance structures includes Indigenous Peoples at all levels of decision-making.

Focus 1.2

Governing documents, policies and procedures reflect the perspectives of Indigenous Peoples.

Focus 1.3

Demonstrate respectful engagement practices and protocol with Indigenous communities.

Theme 2: Indigenous Students

Increase recruitment, enrolment and success of Indigenous students by building relationships with Indigenous communities and developing pathways to assist them to be successful during the student lifecycle at Lethbridge College.

Focus 2.1

Effectively plan the transition to post-secondary for Indigenous students, highlighting pathways to student success.

Focus 2.2

During enrolment at Lethbridge College, provide term-to-term holistic services to assist continued Indigenous student success.

Focus 2.3

Assist and prepare Indigenous students for the transition beyond Lethbridge College.

Theme 3: Curriculum & Pedagogy

Decolonize program curriculum, courses and learning approaches by infusing or developing Indigenous content and ways of knowing across all academic centres.

Focus 3.1

Develop Indigenous-focused curriculum and innovative delivery of content considerate to the possibilities of Indigenous land-based learning, Blackfoot language preservation and revitalization, and foundational course development.

Focus 3.2

Provide faculty and students diverse learning environments to develop cultural competency through focused Indigenous cultural awareness training.

Focus 3.3

Deliver an Indigenous Career Pathways (ICP) program that provides Indigenous students with seamless collaboration between faculty, student services and cultural supports in transition to post-secondary.

Theme 4: Collective Environment

Becoming a diverse, inclusive, equitable, space while further encompassing a mindset of Indigenous cultural competency.

Focus 4.1

Prioritize Indigenous cultural competency of the college community through focused Indigenous cultural awareness training to accomplish a culturally inclusive environment.

Focus 4.2

Increase recruitment, retention and success of Indigenous staff and faculty.

Focus 4.3

Create an environment that is inclusive and respectful and that visually honours Indigenous culture and traditional keepers of the territory.

Focus 4.4

Develop Communications and messaging that is inclusive and respectful of Indigenous peoples and protocols.

Theme 5: Research & Innovation

Enhance Indigenous research, innovation and entrepreneurship collaboratively with Indigenous peoples, communities, businesses, and organizations.

Focus 5.1

Enhance Indigenous applied research, innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities through partnership with Indigenous communities, businesses, organizations and peoples.


For a detailed view of the five Themes, including Focus areas, as well as Priority Outcomes, please refer to the full-version of the Niitsitapi Strategy