New employees

So, you’ve gone through all the steps and are now part of a higher purpose at Lethbridge College. Congratulations and welcome! We are thrilled you have chosen to work at Lethbridge College and we want to ensure your transition is as smooth as possible.

We’ve developed a comprehensive range of support services, resources and information to ensure you are equipped to grow, develop and succeed as a Lethbridge College employee. Remember, you are not alone in this – if you have any questions, please contact your supervisor, a colleague or one of us here in HR.

On your first day…

  • Meet with your supervisor at HR or a previously discussed area.
  • Present your completed paperwork to an HR specialist if you haven’t already.
  • Obtain your staff ID card at the Registrar's Office.
  • Obtain your parking pass and keys by presenting your staff ID card to Facilities Management.
  • Review the OHS package provided on your first day.

During your first week…

  • Complete your New employee online orientation
  • Visit the myHorizon portal and become familiar with its content, including President’s Reports, Campus News/Announcements and Lethbridge (if you’re new to town).
  • Become familiar with Web Advisor, including entering leave requests and accessing pay.
  • Receive your Emergency Contact List.
  • Review the college Policies and procedures

Faculty checklist

Before classes start…

  • Determine your workload.
  • Obtain course outline(s) and determine the expectations regarding the course(s).
  • Obtain standard material for your course(s).
  • Check the availability of textbooks.
  • Create lesson plans, assignments, exams and other learning material.
  • Update your course material in the Learning Management System.
  • Review the Academic Policies and the Students’ Rights and Responsibilities.
  • Attend required staff meetings, orientation workshops and/or training.

During the term…

  • Attend classes, provide instruction, evaluate and provide feedback regarding learning.
  • Create and update assignments, exams and other learning activities.
  • Record grades in the Learning Management System.
  • Respond to student inquiries in a timely manner.
  • Adhere to the Student Discipline and Appeals processes.
  • Understand and follow the Academic Policies and the Students’ Rights and Responsibilities.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Instructor Evaluation Process.

At the end of the term…

  • Determine final grades and enter them into Web Advisor prior to the deadline.
  • Maintain student records for the required period of time.


There are a few resources that are beneficial to have and refer to as a new employee. For your convenience, we’ve pulled them all together in one place.


As a new instructor to Lethbridge College, you are required to participate in specific orientation activities prior to teaching for the first time. We’ve listed a couple below but please visit the Learning and Development Team site for more detailed information and how to register.

These workshops provide valuable learning opportunities for new instructors to prepare for teaching at Lethbridge College. Participation will also connect you to other new instructors and the support staff from Learning and Development.

All newly-hired probationary and continuing full-time and part-time faculty members, as defined in the Faculty Collective Agreement, must complete or get prior learning credit for the six courses in the Instructor Certification Program (ICP). Casual or term certain instructors and other employees of the college may access these courses as an undeclared student based on availability.

Other workshop requirements vary by position:

  • Continuing (full- and part-time) and term positions:
    • Four-day Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW)
    • Course Design Workshop (online)
  • Casuals:
    • Effective Teaching Practices (blended or fully online)
    • Course Design Workshop (online)
  • DL/Online Instructors:
    • Facilitating Online Learning (online)
  • Clinical instructors:
    • Clinical Workshop (blended)