At Lethbridge College, we are on our way to creating a culture of customer service excellence, and we are working to realize our vision to be recognized as an institution that is leading and transforming education in Alberta.

At Lethbridge College, service excellence is less about what we do for the people we serve and more about how we do what we do. It is about making a deliberate change in our approach to serving those we serve, recognizing that customers will evaluate us by how we do something, not by what we say we do.

At Lethbridge College, our values of people, excellence and success are the foundation upon which every service transaction transpires. We identify customers as our students, our alumni, our donors, our faculty and staff, our industry partners, our work experience hosts, our government colleagues, our student families and all of our visitors.

At Lethbridge College, we are committed to making every interaction a “wow” experience – to making it count by demonstrating the following service excellence behaviours.

Treat everyone fairly and with respect

  • I listen carefully and clarify the customer’s need and what I heard, understanding the real need may not be verbally expressed.
  • I clarify expectations, both the customer’s and, when appropriate, mine.
  • I am always polite and greet guests with eye contact and a smile.
  • I address customers by the name they prefer.
  • I follow through and follow up. I own each and every one of my service interactions.
  • I respond to the customer’s need with reasonable urgency.
  • I always ask myself: Is there more I can do?
  • I maintain confidential and sensitive information, only sharing in a professional manner when appropriate.

Demonstrate professionalism and excellence in the things I do

  • I deliver excellence that goes beyond departmental and individual job responsibility.
  • I demonstrate professionalism in how I look, what I do and what I say.
  • I wear my college nametag and introduce myself and my role (when appropriate) to the customer.
  • I use language appropriate to the situation and the customer.
  • I hold myself accountable; I am a positive role model.
  • I participate in decision-making, problem solving and process improvement, regardless of my level in the organization.
  • I actively listen to every customer, focusing on the person and checking for understanding by repeating and asking questions.
  • I keep my college clean, requesting assistance when appropriate.
  • I am creative in solving problems and do not blame others or offer excuses.
  • I value and support my co-workers and actively participate in team success.
  • I am flexible and willing to listen to ideas that are different from my own.

F2F Fridays (face to face Fridays)

  • I send emails on every day of the week but Friday with few exceptions.
  • I use email when appropriate and make sure I continue to contact people face-to-face whenever possible.

Serving customers by telephone

  • I use my voicemail at a minimum.
  • I ask for approval before placing the caller on hold.
  • I transfer callers by researching the correct number and providing the number before transferring.
  • I identify myself and my department when transferring calls to other Lethbridge College employees.
  • I demonstrate appreciation when ending a call by thanking them for calling or offering future assistance.
  • I answer the phone within three rings. My phone greeting will introduce Lethbridge College, my department and first name, conveying “may I help you” through my tone of voice.
  • I respond to phone messages within 24 hours.

Serving customers by email

  • I use email when appropriate and make sure I continue to contact people face-to-face whenever possible.
  • I respond to the customer with urgency.
  • I read emails carefully and clarify the customer’s needs.
  • I use “Reply” and follow the email thread and exhibit caution when using “Reply All.”
  • I use a subject line that is pertinent to each specific email.
  • I use a vacation message when I am away for a period of time and identify the date for my return to the office and the person with his/her contact information the sender can contact in my absence.
  • I am concise and to the point.
  • I respond to email within one business day of receipt.
  • I send emails on every day of the week but Friday with few exceptions.
  • I use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • I use a signature block which includes my name, position, Lethbridge College, contact phone number, email, address and fax number.