Don't just take our word that Lethbridge College is one of Lethbridge's best employers – find out why our employees choose to take their careers higher at Lethbridge College.

Amanda Parker

"I have worked for Lethbridge College for almost 8 years. I was originally drawn to the College based on my own experience as a student; I wanted to pursue a career where I could have a positive impact on students and help them achieve their career goals. What I wasn’t expecting was the outstanding team environment that I was welcomed in to, the level of support in professional and personal development, and the wonderful feeling of working with like-minded, encouraging, and energetic people. Lethbridge College has allowed me to pursue a fulfilling career, with opportunity for growth and development along the way. I would highly recommend pursuing employment with Lethbridge College if you are also seeking a fulfilling career where you can have a positive impact on your community."

Tiel Ryant

"My name is Tiel Ryant. I was born and raised in the Yukon and moved to Alberta in 1999 with my wife so that we could both go to school in Calgary and then hopefully find work, as opportunities are limited in the Yukon.

We moved to Lethbridge in 2003 after we finished our schooling. My wife was able to find work right away, and I decided to take the PC Service course here at the college. I started working for the college in 2004 while still attending classes. During my time working for ITS, I have had the opportunity to work in five different positions all on the customer service side, and I love the opportunities and freedom that I have been given to move up the ladder and prove myself as a valuable member of the team.

Lethbridge College is a great place to work, and it is very rewarding knowing that each and every one of us contributes to our students successes. The various staff and faculty throughout the college are very passionate about what they do, which make it a pleasure to come to work every day. It is amazing knowing that a good portion of our employee’s here are alumni of Lethbridge College, and they want to pass their experiences on to our current and upcoming students.

I highly recommend taking classes here at Lethbridge College, and if given the opportunity, working here as well. The class sizes are small and make it a much more personal experience allowing you to get the hands-on experience that you deserve to advance in your career."