Don't just take our word that Lethbridge College is one of Lethbridge's best employers – find out why our employees choose to take their careers higher at Lethbridge College.

Brad Keim, Practical Nursing instructor

Coming from the field and the demands of the nursing industry, it is refreshing to switch gears and teach the next generation of professionals.

It is challenging to learn new skills in the educating role, but the support I have received has enabled me to enjoy this process and to feel some success in a short time period.

Lethbridge College has supported my professional development through providing ongoing training in learning the skills needed to function as an educator. I have never experienced the support I now enjoy in terms of professional development. I am able to attend conferences and take advantage of courses offered by the college. I have a professional development fund, which I am able to access for courses, books or opportunities as they arise.

I have accessed the health benefits offered to me, but the greatest benefit has been the scheduling. I have holidays off, summer off with my family and a relatively flexible weekly schedule that is accommodating to my needs.

In addition to education, I also assist with orientation day for students entering the Practical Nursing program, serve on the program’s marketing committee and assist in a student liaison role.

While a career in nursing could take me anywhere in the world, Lethbridge is still where I want to be. It is still small and has a relaxed, local feel to it. You run into people you know when you walk downtown or in a park. Lethbridge is also close to the mountains, particularly Waterton, which is a bonus.

I would strongly recommend other nurses to work in the Practical Nursing program because of the strong leadership it enjoys and the close-knit faculty.

My career in Practical Nursing at Lethbridge College certainly has a higher purpose. Students are transformed by the experiences they have at the outset of their career, and being part of that transformation is deeply satisfying.

Michelle Stegen, admissions specialist

I knew I wanted to work at Lethbridge College since my first day of classes when I was a student here. Everyone seemed so friendly and welcoming. I wanted to make that impression on future students. Faculty and staff all play an active role in shaping the future. That’s why we’re here. And that’s why this institution is so powerful.

There is a magical energy on campus – a combination of excitement, support, youthfulness, innovation and vitality. I received a 10-year service award a few years ago and received a hug from the president, cheers from tables of employees I’ve worked with over the years and emails of congratulation in the days following the ceremony. To say people are celebrated here is an understatement.

I don’t know many people who have access at work to a medical clinic, weight room, fitness classes, massage clinic, automotive shop and Guitar Hero competitions. Bonus perks like these, plus flexible summer hours and time off at Christmas, make me the envy of my friends who work elsewhere.

Every year I take advantage of available funding to enhance my person and professional development, whether at conferences in other cities or here at the college. Being able to work on projects and committees with a cross-section of staff and faculty from across campus has also taught me so much and has greatly contributed to my growth.

Lethbridge has all the benefits of a bigger city with none of the negatives: great shopping, no traffic, great family activities, no crime, great scenery, no pollution. We rarely leave the city because everything we need is right here.

The range of positions offered at the college means just about anyone can find a career here that fits their talents and experience and allows them to contribute to something meaningful.