Our spacious campus has ample parking, so whether you live on campus or are coming over from the west side, there’s a parking spot for you.

Not sure where to park? Find your lot on the parking map.

Visitor parking

Just visiting? Daily permits valid in any student lot can be purchased through HonkMobile and at interior Pay Pedestals located in the college main entrance or the IB or PE foyers. Rates are:

  • $4 for four hours
  • $8 for the day

There is also visitor parking in the front loop at the main entrance to the college. Parking here is available for a maximum of 45 minutes. Permits can be purchased at the parking metres in the loop.

ProTip: Save time with the app HonkMobile – it allows you to pay and park in any of our student or daily paid lots.

Student parking

All student parking lots are scramble parking, meaning it’s first-come, first-serve. If a lot is full, you can park in any other available lot listed on your permit. Permits must be displayed at all times or you may receive a parking ticket. Parking is available around the campus perimeter, including lots B, C, D, F, I, J2, N, Cullen (RC) and 30th Ave (RH).

Note: Your parking permit is only valid in the lots identified on your permit.


All student parking permits are sold through the bookstore. Purchase your permit from the bookstore website or get it in person at PA1110.

Permit type



$77 + GST

2 Month

$154 + GST


$196 + GST


$392 + GST

Employee parking

All employees must park in the lot assigned to them. Your permit must be displayed at all times or you may receive a ticket. There are three parking options available for employees.

  • Scramble parking: Available in lots A2, AQ, E, G, H, J1, K, KH, L and M. Parking in these lots is first-come, first-serve.
  • Premium parking: Available in lot A1 along the Cousins walkway, all stalls are assigned. If someone parks in your assigned stall, please park in lot A2 and contact Facilities at 403-320-3223 to report the parking offender.


Employees can purchase parking permits from the Facilities Management office (CE2301). Full-time continuing or term certain employees qualify for a monthly payroll deduction.

Premium Annual Permit =  $625 +GST
Annual Permit = $392 + GST
6 Month Permit =  $196 + GST
1 Month Permit =  $77 + GST

Parking violations

Parking violations will result in City of Lethbridge tickets being issued. After five on-campus violations, your vehicle could be towed at your expense.

For information on ticket payments and appeals, visit lethbridge.ca.