Your small contribution can have a big impact - and a chance to win each month.

Be ready to make a direct impact on the lives of Lethbridge College students while getting the chance to win cash for yourself with Lethbridge College’s Pay It Forward 50/50 lottery! A small contribution of just $10 a month (or one ticket for $10) will directly support student scholarships and give you the chance to win over $1,000 each month.

Pay It Forward is open to alumni, students, employees* and the community at large. Anyone over the age of 18 can pay to play.

The lucky winner is announced on the third-to-last business day of each month. There are many ways to play: you can purchase a one time ticket, purchase several tickets a month to increase your odds of winning, or arrange to play monthly. To purchase your lucky ticket(s) – while helping student’s access scholarships – email the Development office or call 403-320-3457.

*Lethbridge College employees can sign up via Payroll to have $10 deducted (monthly) from their Lethbridge College paycheques.

See Pay It Forward details below for more information on the Pay It Forward winner selection process.

Your contribution will support students like Jason (Conservation Enforcement), who received a Pay It Forward scholarship this year. “This award has greatly eased the financial burden of post secondary education and made my career goals more attainable.”


Next months estimated jackpot:$1,675
Next draw date:Tuesday, June 25, 2024


Our Latest Winner


Previous Pay it Forward Winners



Leslie Kramer

What an unexpected and awesome surprise for a Wednesday afternoon! Thanks to all who participate and make this raffle such a huge success! I’ll be sure to put it to good use this summer.


Todd Caughlin 

What an awesome surprise! Being a competitive person you always see the winners every month and wonder if your name will get pulled & lucky for me – mine did! The best part is knowing that this initiative is supporting student scholarships especially with times being as tough as they are! I’m proud to be a part of it!


Kerry Edwards

What a great program that lets us support our students and gives employees a chance at winning! I have played from the program’s inception and really never give winning much of a thought as it is going to a great cause. But having said that, it was a tremendous surprise. I felt a little sheepish as Brianne, our Admin Assistant really needed me to make an appearance at a meeting and I had a crazy busy day going on and was apprehensive on showing up.


Peter Gingras

Surprised doesn’t begin to sum up my reaction when Connolly, Kris and Martina walked into my classroom just as I was just beginning class with my second year DCM Advanced Audio group. But after this, Connolly has a standing invitation!!  I’d honestly forgotten that I signed up for a monthly contribution to the Pay It Forward initiative in support of student scholarships years ago. It’s a fantastic way of supporting student learning. The staff here at Lethbridge College are always ready and willing to advance such worthwhile causes.


Corbin Stewart

Every time I saw the Pay It Forward winner announced and it wasn't me, I was understandably disappointed. I don't typically have much luck with raffles and that sort of thing, so when the development team came by with the cheque, I was shocked. Some of the funds will be used on an upcoming road trip in the US, so that's nice to not have to save up for that so gradually.  Pay It Forward is a great program! From my first month at the college, I've been signed up as I thought $10 a month was a more than manageable contribution for such a great cause. With rising costs within the college as well as outside of it, students need more support than ever. Thanks for the opportunity to contribute to this scholarship!



Teddi Reynolds

What a pleasant surprise! I am happy to contribute to the 50/50 for student scholarships with or without winning the jackpot, but it is a fun bonus to win. This money is either going towards my new bathroom vanity or a new bedroom revamp. Either way it is much appreciated.


Tyson Wiebe

I'm absolutely stunned to be the Pay-It-Forward winner for this month. When I saw Connolly and James show up, I had a sneaking suspicion someone in our department would get 'The Big Cheque' but I was stunned when it was my name called. This is the third time I've won, and as nice as the prize is, it's even better to know my small monthly contribution adds up to make a huge difference in the lives of our students. Thanks to all those who make this program possible - now it's time for a little Christmas shopping spree!    


Ashley Steed

I am very grateful for the Pay It Forward campaign and to be the lucky recipient this month – I am not a fan of surprises, but I’ll gladly make an exception in this case! It is wonderful to be part of a cause that not only benefits staff but helps support students on their journey at the College. I believe education is vitally important and every little bit we can do to help make it more accessible to everyone is fantastic. I have a gorgeous 15-month-old daughter that deserves all the nice things, so my winnings will go towards giving her a great Christmas! 


Tricia Petty

I am still in shock. I don't usually have the best luck. This is really amazing and thank you for brightening up my dreary Wednesday morning. I joined the draw almost nine years ago because I had received a scholarship much like this one when I went back to university. It really helped me and I know it continues to make it a bit easier for students to achieve their goals (especially with inflation being what it is). As for the winnings, I have an entire house that hasn't been revamped since the mid-1980s and I have a family vacation coming up. Either way, this money will be put to good use. Thank you.


Kelly Norgard

Wow, what a great way to start the year, both for myself and the students that benefit from the scholarships funded through this great program! I didn’t realize that the Pay It Forward lottery is open to ANYONE, not just LC employees. I would encourage everyone to sign up to play, the more support we can give to our students the better. As for my winnings, I have some expensive hobbies, so it won’t be difficult to find a place to spend it.


Mirka Cedidlova

I appreciate that Lethbridge College realizes the importance of motivating students not only through success stories of its employees, as many of them are its alumni, but also financially. Both are necessary. The probability to win was 0.32% this month. I am thankful that I won. I am planning to visit "The Old Continent" so the windfall is a great surprise. Thank you very much. 


Laura Bowser

What an incredible surprise it was to be June’s Pay if Forward winner! I often anticipate that I am going to win, but truthfully I am never all that disappointed when I don’t. It is nice to see the prize grow a little bigger each month but more important is what it means for Lethbridge College student scholarships.  
What a fun way to demonstrate how a small contribution can make a big difference.


Derek Flohr

Thank you very much for making my day a little brighter with such a great surprise. I am very grateful to have won Pay It Forward this month. When I came through Lethbridge College as a student, I was a recipient of a few scholarships and was very appreciative of the financial help that they gave me. When I became an employee of the college, I signed up for the Pay It Forward program to support our student's success never thinking I would actually benefit from it, I was just happy to help out in some way. I am not sure what I will do with my winnings yet, but it will definitely be something the whole family will enjoy. 


Jill Burrows

I have been contributing to the student scholarship program for years, and while it is great to win some cash that was not my intention. My goal was to recognize students who excel in their studies and provide them with much needed financial assistance. The program not only helps students but also shows them that their hard work and achievements are valued and appreciated. I encourage other faculty to support this program and make a positive impact on students’ lives.


Sheila French

I am not sure who first conceived of this fundraiser, but what a genius!! Not only does it provide financial support for students through awards and scholarships, but it also spreads smiles to winners every month!! I am smiling today because I am planning a raised bed vegetable garden and this windfall will help tremendously in the planning!


Deepa Sivakumar

It was a happy surprise to find out that I had won the Pay it Forward 50/50 draw! I am thankful and glad to be a part of this wonderful program that gives back to our students. Thank you Lethbridge College for providing us with this opportunity to make a difference in the students’ lives. I look forward to contributing for many more years.


Jaclyn Doherty

I’d like to express my gratitude for the Pay It Forward campaign. As an employee of Lethbridge College, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to directly impact the lives of our students and support their scholarships through this initiative. I am grateful for the ease of participation for LC employees through payroll deductions, making it convenient for us to support this cause. The idea of making a difference in the lives of Lethbridge College students is truly inspiring, and I am proud to be a part of it.



Melissa Reed Boogaart

What a great surprise on my last day on campus before the holidays. I signed up for the draw when I started five years ago because I loved the idea of spending $10 per month to collectively support the success of our students. I got a couple of scholarships while I was a student many years ago, and that support was very meaningful in helping me succeed. This type of initiative is one of my favourite parts of working at the college; being part of a community that gives back to the students and helps them achieve their goals. I have been thinking about what I want to do with the funds and have a couple of ideas, but nothing firm yet. One of the front-runner options is a mini-reno for my home office, including a good office chair and new monitor, but I am still debating the best way to spend this excellent surprise.


Laura Branston

Thank you so much for starting my day with such a wonderful surprise! I feel so incredibly thankful to be the winner of Pay It Forward this month! The $10 monthly contribution is small compared to the difference it makes in the lives of our students here at LC. I feel privileged to work and be part of a community that is so committed to the wellbeing of its staff and students. Thank you once again for this program and for this winning. Being that it is the Christmas season, I will be using my winnings on Christmas gifts for my family & friends!


Wendy Hamilton

When I read about the Pay It Forward program, I thought it was a great way to show students that Lethbridge College staff care. I’m a new employee, so I was completely surprised to win Pay It Forward. I am actually still in awe that I won. As for what I’ll put the winnings toward, I have a few ideas but I don’t have a solid plan yet.


Dawn Sugimoto

What’s better on a Friday afternoon after a long week than Development Manager Ben Kwan’s smiling face? Ben carrying an oversized cheque, that’s what. Becoming new Development Officer Connolly Tate-Mitchell’s first Pay It Forward winner was a bonus! (Welcome to LC, Connolly!)Pay It Forward is one of my favourite things at Lethbridge College. By chipping in just $10 a month, we’re collectively helping to support students as the financial pressures they’re facing continue to grow. I was a Lethbridge College student, and I received an award from the Lethbridge Herald. At an awards night, I met the publisher for the first time, and he’d later become my boss. One time, I got to stand in for the publisher at an awards event, and I presented that same award to a Comm Arts student who later became a colleague. Talk about a positive circle! I’ve always appreciated the giving that’s behind every award, and I know how much those dollars mean to our students. I was thrilled to win Pay It Forward and I’ll be happy to keep playing!


Sean Dyck

Pay it forward provides a wonderful opportunity to contribute directly to student scholarships. I see it as a positive way to give back to the college community and be a part of the investment into the learning environment of our students. I will use my winnings to enhance my own personal educational development so I can provide a robust learning experience for our students.


Tanner Fletcher

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be able to help our students in any way possible. I feel so blessed to receive July’s Pay it Forward and thank Alumni Engagement for their constant contribution to LC students. You could even say Alumni Engagement “slaps”.

I have had so much support from my friends and teammates here at LC these past few months and this feels like the “cherry on top”. I love my LC family!

I don’t have anything too exciting planned (that’s so “mid” I know), but I do plan to save a lot spend a little and give a little.


Jennifer Yanish

"For many years I have regularly contributed to 50/50 and raffle fundraisers in support of community events, my daughter’s activities and the Lethbridge Curling Club and major curling events like the Brier and Scotties, but never came out on the winning side. I was happy to take part in the Pay it Forward program when I onboarded at Lethbridge College three years ago to help support students and their educational goals and never thought I might win it someday! I was pleasantly surprised and a little shocked when Stephanie and Lanae made the big announcement at my desk last Friday. What a nice, unexpected gift on a Friday afternoon!

With the increased cost of fuel, airfare, accommodations and even groceries, my win is timely and will go towards upcoming family vacations – a week of staycation in the Calgary area in July and just over two weeks in Atlantic Canada – a few days in Nova Scotia and the rest in Newfoundland, where I was born and raised.  

Thank you to the Alumni Office for continually supporting current and future students. Scholarships are truly helpful and make a big difference."


Greg Gibos

"I’m incredibly humbled to have received this month’s Pay It Forward. The transportation, housing, and food scarcity of students have never been higher as we deal with the sudden increase in cost of living. Programs and scholarships such as this are truly life-changing for some students, and it’s always been a priority to find opportunities for these students to receive additional funding. Working in both academic advising and athletics I see firsthand how beneficial this type of funding can be for them throughout their student life cycle. It’s always been an honor to feel as though we are contributing to student well-being through the small action of joining the Pay it Forward lottery.

We are expecting a new addition to our family in September and some of the funds will directly go to helping build a new nursery in our home. A large portion of the money I believe should go back to our community and will also be allocated to helping build a scholarship to dedicated to my father ,Richard Brazzoni, for athletics to continue his legacy within sport in Southern Alberta. Hopefully, this gift will inspire another generation of potential athletes and remove potential barriers for future youth."


Paul Kingsmith

"I had long ago resigned myself to the fact I would never win Pay it Forward and I was totally fine with that, because as long as the money is going to support students, it is completely worth it. Students are the reason any of us do what we do, and Pay it Forward is such a great and easy way to give them a little boost. I’ve seen firsthand how receiving an award can be the helping hand a student needs to reach their potential and I’m proud that the Lethbridge College community and the Alumni Engagement office see the value in supporting students in this way! I am thrilled to win this month’s draw and look forward to a summer of traveling adventures with my family that the winnings will help support!"


Stephen Klassen

"WOW, I can't believe I finally won!!!! Being an instructor in - and Alumni of - the culinary program, I know how impactful the proceeds of this program are for students. Our students go through alot, especially with the challenges of the past couple of years, so knowing scholarship dollars are available to them is huge. Also, with my daughter starting the nursing program in the fall, some of this money will go towards her supplies. Also, with having a wife and two teenage daughters, I have a very expensive monthly budget. Maybe, I will see some of it LOL!!!"


Taylor Bourret

"What an incredible way to celebrate my first month back at work after a year of maternity leave. This is such an amazing way to cap off the best and hardest year of my life. Becoming a new mom, a year ago has allowed me to reflect and really take time to value what is most important in life. When returning to Lethbridge College I immediately signed up for Pay if Forward. Thinking about my son’s education in the future, I thought about current students who may be struggling financially and who would benefit from a student scholarship. By paying only $10 a month we are helping our students in the best way. I am so thankful that I work at an institution that gives back to our students.

We are currently building a new house, so this money will be put to good use at Target and Hobby Lobby for some new décor."


Adam Addison

"Getting the "semi-emergency" call from Stephanie was a nice surprise to tell me I was this month's winner. When I first heard about pay it forward, I just signed on for the heck of it, but it is nice to know that over the years there has been a lot of contributions to help with student scholarships."



Paula Burns

What a great time of year it is to win the Pay it Forward draw! I got the good news on the last day before the Christmas/holiday break, which certainly lifted my holiday spirits. One of the things I love most about Lethbridge College is the dedication and commitment of all employees to students and their well being! There are many employees who participate in Pay it Forward, knowing that the money raised makes a real difference in the lives of our students.

I feel very blessed to have four children who have all participated in post-secondary education – three are currently working on either their first or second credentials, while the fourth is contemplating returning to a second credential. While each of them has had the support of their parents and their own part- or full-time jobs, I know this type of support is not necessarily available to all students and it’s great that we can work together to support our students.

My winnings from December will be donated back to the students of Lethbridge College, to provide support to those who need it!


Mike Darlow

I am happy to be able to support students with the “Pay It Forward” lottery. Receiving a scholarship makes a huge impact to a student that is trying to juggle their work, education and personal life. Lethbridge College is a world class institution full of great people and am privileged to be part of it.


Martina Emard

I have been happy to participate in Pay It Forward for many years. The number of students who can benefit from this program make the monthly 50/50 contribution an easy decision! Getting selected as October’s winner was an added bonus! Thank you to Sydney and team for continuing to offer this great (and easy) way to give toward student scholarships!


DennisDennis Bodie

Was so surprised when I got the call from Sydney telling me I had won the Pay it Forward for September! I always wondered what it was all about, so I checked into it and found it goes to a good cause, so I signed up.  With a chance to win a little money for only $10 a month and support the student it's a good deal. The money will be put away so my wife Ley and I can visit Maui again. 


DeborahDeborah Hadley

When (I found out) I was the fortunate recipient of Pay It Forward this month, it didn’t really register. I never win anything, so I am surprised and grateful.

There are so many ways our community gives to students, but participating in Pay It Forward has to be one of the easiest. While the $10 monthly contribution is small, collectively it can make a huge difference for students who need a little extra help through scholarships. I wish I had signed up sooner as it is a great feeling knowing our students are the real winners and I get to play a small role in that.


ShandaShanda Webber

I am truly blessed and honoured to be the July Pay It Forward Winner! I just started holidays when I was given the news and it truly was the cherry on top to begin a few weeks of fun and relaxation! I am still in awe that I actually won!

When we were given the opportunity to contribute monthly to support student scholarships with the chance to win the 50/50 jackpot I jumped on the opportunity to sign up. In being a member of the Indigenous Services team and Student Affairs department for the last 15 years, I truly see the impact that student awards and scholarships can have on students’ lives. It genuinely warms my heart to see the beaming smiles and the pure pride and excitement when our students inform us that they have been the successful recipient of an award. I have also witnessed a scholarship truly changing the path forward for some of our students in being the sole factor in assisting them to continue their studies and pursue their career goals. I encourage everyone to sign up for this wonderful initiative if they haven’t already.

I will be saving my winnings for a family trip to travel to Mexico when it is safe to do so – our last trip got cancelled two weeks before our departure date due to COVID last March and that was going to be the first trip for my 5-year old son, Ari. He still asks on a weekly basis, “We are going to Mexico when the sickness is fully over, right, Mommy?!” Soon my boy, soon!


Kelsey Janzen

Wow – I can’t believe I won Pay-It-Forward!? My track record with draws is pretty lacklustre, so I haven’t expected much, contenting myself with knowing that my tiny monthly contribution helps to provide scholarships to our students. As a former student myself, I can attest to the value of such things and am glad to have this opportunity to support others on their educational journeys. That said, winning feels good! I’ve been planning to buy a new car soon, so this will be a welcome addition to that fund!


Emmerson Reyes

As a Lethbridge College alumnus and now an employee, I am grateful that we are given this opportunity to contribute in supporting student scholarships and awards. When I was a student here, scholarships were great support and motivation to perform better. Winning this 50/50 is definitely a great bonus to this opportunity!


Marie Laenen

When Sydney called me I was thinking she was calling to collaborate as we have in the past - she is sneaky and I had no idea that I had won this jackpot - she has a great poker game! What an honour to win this draw and to know that while I am winning, so are our students! When I was a student I relied on scholarships and bursaries to help cover the costs of my education so now it is rewarding  to be able to help others with some of the barriers they might face.  I admire that the college has made a commitment to have the 50/50 as a way for staff and alumni to support our upcoming leaders and world changers. With this prize money, I plan to add most to my children's education funds as I value post-secondary experiences and some to helping local community members who may have more immediate needs such as food security.  Thank you Lethbridge College for offering this opportunity for all of us to make a difference!


Tyson Wiebe

I feel incredibly grateful to have won Pay It Forward for a second time! It's awesome to participate in a program that not only benefits the staff, but more importantly, aims to acknowledge and celebrate the hard work of our student community through scholarship opportunities. It's amazing to think of the ripple effect my small monthly contribution can make when combined with the contributions of others. Thanks to all those involved in making this program possible, and thanks again for the unexpected (and very appreciated) win!


Donna Kalau

I was very excited to hear I won the 50/50 this month! I love being a part of supporting our students in whatever way I can and the monthly 50/50 contribution is one way that can be very impactful for our students! I will continue to contribute to the 50/50 and know that the money contributed serves our students well.


Aaron Eyjolfson

Hook, line, and sinker! When Sydney called me with a “question to ask”, I never for a moment suspected she was just luring me into a Teams meeting to tell me I had won! Well played, Sydney.

When I first entered into the program, it was never for the purpose of winning the 50/50 draw, it was always with the sincere intent to contribute to the educational pursuits of some very deserving students. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little envious of all the previous winners but I genuinely never expected to win. And then, when I least expeced it, it just happened. I must admit that I have been struggling spending so much time at home lately and have been quietly dreaming of a motorcycle trip to Tuktoyaktuk this summer (Covid pending, of course) but was questioning how I would fund the trip and the gear I was going to need. These winnings almost completely covers it, so I am very grateful at the opportunity this presents me. (Feel free to follow me on Instagram @BigBeardedAdventures, as I will chronicle the 9000km trip, camping most of the way.)

My only disappointment is that I won’t get my picture taken with that oversized cheque. I’ve always wanted to hold one of those.

These programs are essential, especially now when many people may not have the means to attend College on their own and as a Lethbridge College graduate myself anything I can do to ensure our Students success is important.  Thank you all for being a part of it!



Rob McNeill, Human Resources Analyst

Finding out that I won the December Pay it Forward draw was a great start to Christmas vacation. As an alumni with a daughter currently enrolled at Lethbridge College, and two more kids soon to follow, I appreciate the importance of the program and the impact it has on student success.


Keith Knowles

The day I won “Pay it Forward” had actually started off on quite a sour note with something I was working on not going as planned and, as is my nature, I stewed about it all morning.  So when one of my crafty co-workers (you know who you are ?) called me up in the afternoon and said there was an “issue” we needed to look at right away, I sped up to their desk ready for anything…or so I thought!  I was blown away, and as you can imagine it couldn’t come at a better time of year for a family!

These programs are essential, especially now when many people may not have the means to attend College on their own and as a Lethbridge College graduate myself anything I can do to ensure our Students success is important.  Thank you all for being a part of it!


Jeremy Lauzon

This was a fantastic surprise, and after 10+ years of taking part in the Pay It Forward campaign, I had given up on winning! I had considered opting out of the program, but it is hardly an inconvenience and it’s comforting to know that the money raised goes towards helping students.

I’d like to say that, with Christmas around the corner, the money will be used to buy gifts for my family & friends……..but after 10 years of playing I feel like I should reward my patience by spoiling myself with Jeep parts, a drone, and any other toy I may have had my eye on! In reality, I’m finally going to purchase a snow blower!!!


Samantha Lenci

The ability to make an impact for students is significant in my life. I have worked in the field of education for over 20 years and I am thrilled to be a part of a system that gives back to students. I have split the money between my children. My son just moved out in his own in Calgary, so I just paid for his rent, Wi-Fi, phone, and gas! He was grateful. My daughter says she will save some for Christmas and the rest for College (sure ? ).


Rebecca HelmerRebecca Helmer


I know I am not alone when I say that this year has been quite unreal. I also know that our students are bravely facing and overcoming on-going challenges in order to be with us at Lethbridge College, so being a part of Pay It Forward is such a meaningful contribution for me.

Before COVID-19, I thought if I ever won Pay it Forward, it would go towards some landscaping or a new kitchen sink, but life looks a little different now. Some of the money will be going into our daughter’s education fund and the rest will go towards my husband’s tuition as he is pivoting (we love that word recently) and starting a new adventure as a student in Business and Accounting.


Kristina MadaraszKristina Madarasz

I’m thrilled to have won Pay it Forward. I always look forward to the end of the month wondering if I am the lucky winner and this month I WAS! Our team tried to surprise me but when I was invited to a random meeting I already knew it was PAY IT FORWARD TIME OF THE MONTH and I was the only one who didn’t know what the meeting was about which in this case, was a great thing! Nonetheless, I enjoy paying into Pay it Forward as it is a small way that I can give back to Lethbridge College and the success of our students. The best thing I ever did in my life was attend post-secondary and I believe that the cost shouldn’t be a barrier to receiving an education. Pay it Forward is a small thing that we can do to help students achieve their educational goals. I encourage everyone to participate! I plan to pay off the rest of my vehicle immediately and finally have the freedom of no more vehicle payments!!


Rick LewchukRick Lewchuk

Alumnus Rick Lewchuk (Communication Arts, 1979) is June’s Pay It Forward recipient! Rick is the Senior Vice President, Creative Marketing and Brand Standards for CNN Worldwide, a 2016 Emmy Award winner, Lethbridge College’s 2019 Distinguished Alumnus recipient and a proud LC grad.

Upon learning he was the lucky June winner, Rick decided to take his $1435 and donate it directly to the Lethbridge College Ready to Rise Campaign. Rick says that he is a huge proponent of mental initiatives and is happy to have his winnings support that cause at his alma matter.


Dana Dana Woodward

I’m still stunned! Finding out I won Pay it Forward via a morning Teams check-in was my favourite meeting of the week! It seems unlikely that I’ll be able to take a big trip anytime soon, so I plan to direct the winnings towards some projects in my backyard and make the most of a summer at home. Providing support to our students feels more important than ever these days, and contributing to Pay it Forward is an easy way to do it. I would encourage everyone to participate in the program. A big thank you and credit to Alumni Engagement for their positivity and their ongoing support of this program during these uncertain times.


Georgi Georgi MacInnis

What an awesome surprise during such wild times! I’ve always been happy to contribute to Pay It Forward and play a role in supporting our students, but I never expected to win anything. This came at the perfect time for my husband and I to finish up some small renovations around the house and get to work on some upgrades to our yard before the Summer hits, so we can enjoy the sunshine in style. Thank you to the Alumni department for this fun surprise and for always making sure our students are supported!


pay-it-forward-mar-20.jpg Camilla Araujo Dos Santos

“BUT I NEVER WIN ANYTHING!” - I said, surprised while I performed the most awkward dance in front of my co-workers. I was sure I would just keep contributing to the Pay-if-Forward campaign, and I was happy to do it because I know it’s for a good cause. But it happened, and I couldn’t be happier. With my first baby on the way, it’s safe to say I might spend it all on diapers!


pay-it-forward-feb-20.jpg Alexis Buzzee

What an amazing surprise! I have been participating in Pay It Forward since I started at the college in 2015, but I honestly never thought I would actually win. As for what I am going to do with the winnings, I will be adding it to my home renovations fund allowing me to get started on the renovations that much sooner.

The pay it forward program is a great way for staff and faculty to make a positive impact on the lives of our students. I love that we are provided with this opportunity and I recommend participating to anyone who hasn't signed up yet.


pay-it-forward-jan-20.jpg Doug May

Testimonial unavailable.




pay-it-forward-dec-19.jpg Nora Hanson

What a wonderful way to end 2019 – it was quite a surprise!

The opportunity to give back in a small way is what make this world beautiful, and I encourage everyone to participate in PAY IT FORWARD. The winning prize is just a bonus!

I plan on using this extra money to book my ticket to go see my family in the Philippines.

I’m very grateful.


pay-it-forward-nov-19.jpg Leanne Nemeth

It is fantastic and shocking to win, not once but twice. This is the only lottery I participate in because I know the money goes to a good cause, student scholarships.  It’s nice to be able to pay it forward and help students.

The last time I won, I think had to be at least ten years ago.  I remember being so excited because I needed glasses.  This time it comes at just the right time of year, I plan to pay it forward even more by being Secret Santa to some students, and my family. 


pay-it-forward-oct-19.jpg Tiel Ryant

I was totally surprised when I heard clapping and singing in the hall outside my office and was confused as to what was happening! I instantly knew as soon as my name was called that I won the 50/50! I hope to turn this little windfall into a nice vacation for my family. Perhaps Jamaica? Cuba? Who knows!??

This is such a wonderful program, and a great opportunity to give to our students. I have been contributing to this program since the day of its inception and will continue to do so. I encourage everyone to get involved in this program, not for the opportunity to win, (although it is a nice bonus) but to support our students with more financial options.


pay-it-forward-sep-2019-webphoto.jpg Glenn Secretan

I am very excited to be a Pay It Forward winner for September. Our family supports multiple scholarship programs and this prize will make it possible for us to create more opportunities for students in post-secondary studies in Lethbridge. Thanks to those who promote, manage, and participate in this valuable student-centred program


pay-it-forward-august-2019-webphoto.jpg Kevin Milos

I’m still a little bit in shock. I am heading up to Edmonton this long weekend to see my 16-month-old grandson. This will pay for the gas and maybe some cool toy. I might buy something for him too!

I’m definitely excited to win the 50/50 again. What really impresses me is the dollar amount every month. That means a lot of people are continuing to contribute to this great program and help out our students in need. Big thanks to the Alumni Engagement for keeping this program rolling.


pay-it-forward-july-19.jpg Robyn Moore

When I heard the clapping, I thought it must be related to the Explore Program, and my students were playing a joke on me. I realized that it wasn't a joke and happily got to explain some more vocabulary words to the students. I joined the Pay it Forward lottery to help support students and never thought I'd win! The unexpected windfall comes at a good time because I have a two week break between the summer ESL students and fall semester. I think I'll take my husband down to Montana for a few days to enjoy the break.


pay-it-forward-june-19.jpg Chenairy Stalwick

Oh my word!

You absolutely made my day! I’m not sure I’ve been able to process the news yet though. And since I’ve had a few minutes to think about what I’m going to do with it, I think I will use it towards taking my children to Kelowna to meet the medical staff who saved my dad after his motorcycle accident. Over the last 3 years we’ve made the trip to BC to remember him and how fortunate we were to have extra time with him. This money will give us the chance to make the trip on the 5 year anniversary possible.


pay-it-forward-may-19.jpg Greg Kruyssen

This was definitely the last thing I expected. I’m really proud to be a part of an organization that involves its employees in such a valuable program as Pay It Forward. Not only do we get the excitement of finding out who wins every month, we get the satisfaction of knowing the money we put in is being used to support our students. And who doesn’t love a giant cheque to hold?

This month has been a bit of a roller coaster, a few unexpected expenses popped up and I’m quitting smoking so this couldn’t have come at a better time to help me balance my budget and act as a reward for my perseverance. I’m happy to continue contributing and look forward to the excitement of our next winner.


pay-it-forward-april-19.jpg Patrick Balfour

I have been contributing to Pay It Forward since I started a couple years ago, in hopes it would help students who really need it. I never thought I would win as I have a terrible track record with lotteries. Well today that all changed! Only in my dreams would I be a recipient of a giant cheque! I plan on using the money for a get-a-way with my family.


pay-it-forward-march-19.jpg Tony Rideout

Wow! What a surprise!! I originally decided to contribute to the Pay It Forward scholarship program because I thought it was a way to give a little back for all of the blessings I’ve gotten from the College and students over the years. As well, I’m the type of person who likes to think about my giving rather than do it on impulse. Pay It Forward is great that way because once the decision was made to give, I never gave it a second thought…until I got a knock on my classroom door and a cheque for over $1600. Now I think about giving all the time!!!


pay-it-forward-feb-19.jpg Joelle Reynolds

I love working at Lethbridge College, and the Pay it Forward program is just one more example of why.  I don’t often enter lotteries, but knowing that money from this program ultimately benefits students makes it an easy sell.  My co-workers also made this a really fun surprise, so I am feeling both excited and grateful.  I am so looking forward to sharing the news with my family as we are currently planning to build a new home, and it feels good to know that a student somewhere will be feeling the same way as they take their scholarship and look forward to all the potential that their work at Lethbridge College will bring to their life.  Thanks LC!


pay-it-forward-jan-19-0.jpg Kirby England

As a new instructor at Lethbridge College I am happy to become involved in this great opportunity to support student scholarships and contribute to the awesome sense of community here. With overall terrible gambling skills I never actually imagined I would win the Pay It Forward prize; so I am both surprised and grateful. On the morning of receiving that giant cheque my wife and I had just finished the deal on buying our first house together so the timing couldn’t have been better to cover all the various little expenses that are sure to creep up.



pay-it-forward-december-18.png Nicole Graveland

The timing couldn’t have been better for this win! We just came back from Jamaica, so my credit card will be very happy.

Seriously though, it’s really lovely to be part of such a wonderful program. Our students are why we are here, so making their lives just a bit easier is the least we can do for them.

Thank you for drawing my name for a Christmas/wedding present


pay-it-forward-november-18.jpg Shannon Maass

Winning the Pay It Forward 50/50 draw was completely overwhelming in the best way possible!

I would like to thank Meryl Streep for NOT being eligible to win this draw – she wins everything, so talented…

But seriously, as a LC employee and alumni I am thankful to have the opportunity to support our students through a program like Pay It Forward. It is easy, affordable and a worthwhile investment.


pay-it-forward-oct-18.jpg Kevin Milos

Emily tricked me into coming out of my office, but it was so worth it! What a surprise. When the Pay It Forward program started, I missed the first draw, but haven’t missed once since. It’s amazing how a small contribution each month can turn into a nice windfall for a student in need (and also for an employee). I’m sure I’ll find something to spend the money on.


pay-it-forward-september-18-1.jpg David Haight

I used the winnings to buy new tires for my truck and I took my wife and kids out to the keg for a steak dinner.


Maria Arriaga

Testimonial and photo coming soon.


Deanne Robblee Deanne Robblee

When I heard the slow clap start in our office this morning, I thought I had missed something here in our office, and was super surprised to see the prize givers come into my office. I think the payday 50/50 program is awesome for both employees and students, and I never expected to win it! I have some concert tickets to pay for, so now I can also have a nice staycation to go along with that event. Thanks so much!


Melissa Vander Heide Melissa Vander Heide

Scholarships have a big impact on students’ lives and the payday 50/50 is a fun and easy way to make sure that scholarship opportunities remain available for our students. After many years of playing I was really excited to win for the first time!


Jared Tymburski Jared Tymburski

Being a former recipient of a scholarship when I was a student here at Lethbridge College, it is so awesome to be able to contribute to this program now as an employee.

Many students rely on additional income from scholarships in order to attend classes, and it can be easy to forget that we would not have such amazing employment if there were no students!

Winning the draw is certainly a bonus and I will use it to buy an outdoor play set for my twin daughters, and put the rest towards my property taxes.


Jeff HamiltonJeffery Hamilton

When Scott asked me to come to his office for a meeting I wondered what was up. I'm impressed with the Pay It Forward "gang" and how they can surprise anyone with their monthly gifts! I'm sure that a road trip to MEC will be in my near future. It is remarkable that the college community has contributed over $230,000 to student scholarships. It is an honour to belong to such a great workplace and to be able to support such an important cause.


Kelly NorgardKelly Norgard

I was definitely caught off guard when the group of prize givers came singing and clapping into my classroom, at first I was thinking 'who is this disrupting our class?!', then as soon as I realized what was happening I remember thinking 'I hope I didn't just have a grumpy look on my face.'!

It was great to be given the big cheque in class while surrounded by students, they were very excited for me!  After the dust and the requests for me to buy lunch for everyone settled, there were lots of comments from students about how cool it was that we have this program with staff raising money for student awards.

I am very grateful to have won, and it came at a great time as I've been dreaming about new golf clubs!!  Also, my apologies to those of you that I have heard from who have been paying in for many years, sorry about my beginners luck - your time will come!!


Linda DaltonLinda Dalton

When I saw the group of people in my area I thought that one of my co-workers won. I was just shocked that it was me, a good thing I was sitting down at the time. Better than winning the lottery. Great way to help our students and have some fun at the same time.

I encourage you to join in the 50/50 Pay it Forward – you could be the next big winner.


John Jacobsonpay-it-forward-january-18-1.jpg

I was a little shocked when all these people walked into my office.  Before I realized it was the ‘Pay It Forward Team’, I thought they showed up at the wrong place for a meeting.  I encourage those who haven’t signed up to the Pay It Forward program to give it some thought.  I had no expectations of winning – that was just a bonus – the real winners are our students who benefit from this the most.



Tiel Ryantpay-it-forward-december-17.jpg

I was so surprised and confused when I won Pay it Forward. I think I had a weird look on my face the whole time they were singing to me! It is so nice to be a part of such a wonderful program and give back to our students. I am a former LC student and know what it is like to need every little bit of help possible. I have been a contributor to the Pay it Forward program since it first started and encourage others to join the bandwagon!


Pam Bloodpay-it-forward-november-17.jpg

I have witnessed the wonderful commotion ‘Pay It Forward’ caused whenever someone in our area won, so I was pretty surprised it was me! The holiday season is coming up so I will be spending the money on me and nobody else…kidding! I imagine a little shopping will happen and I will continue to pay it forward with the holiday spirit. This is such a great cause and would encourage anybody who has yet to sign up to please do so!


Sandy Witdouckpay-it-forward-october-17.jpg

Winning Pay it Forward caused me to feel grateful in many ways:

  1. I am so proud to be part of an institution that invests in students and supports them through scholarship programs like this one.
  2. I realized the positive culture of LC when I saw the amount of effort put into making the prize delivery a special event.
  3. I work in an environment that offers staff ‘perks’.
  4. I get to go shopping!

Thank you LC!


Chris DeLislepay-it-forward-september-17-0.jpg

I was totally surprised to have won Pay it Forward! It couldn’t have happened on a better day for me as I had forgotten my wallet at home for the first time ever. I have been a part of the program for the last 4 years and will continue because supporting student scholarships is a great cause.


Cal Whitehead

I was truly surprised when I was called out of a meeting to be met by a giant cheque from Kari and group. I’m thankful for the chance to be chosen as a winner of the Pay it Forward program and I am very honoured to be part of an initiative that helps support students at Lethbridge College.


Erin Hall

It was such an thrill to win Pay it Forward! I’ve never witnessed a winner being announced so I was completely shocked to say the least. I’m so proud to work in a place that values student success and I’m happy to have contributed to a great cause. I can’t wait to see who the next winner will be!


Todd Caughlinpay-it-forward-june-17.jpg

I've been a part of the surprise crew on a couple of occasions and wondered what it would be like to actually hold the check & now I know! The Pay it Forward program is a great way to give back to what matters and that's supporting those students that have earned it and need it! I'm proud be able to support the scholarship program and will continue to do so!


Rob Anhelherpay-it-forward-may-17.jpg

I was totally shocked when I won the Pay it Forward 50/50 draw. I feel honoured to be part of the monthly draw and to be able to help our students with scholarships and awards. I didn’t even think my name was in the draw! LOL!


Amanda Guccionepay-it-forward-april-17.jpg

To say I was shocked would be an understatement. I have been in the Pay it Forward program since I started at the College four years ago. It has always seemed like such a cool idea and a great opportunity to give back to students, but nothing I ever expected to win. It was a wonderful surprise to say the least!


Kathy Hnatiukpay-it-forward-march-17.jpg

I don’t think I could have been more surprised as I was when I won the Pay it Forward 50/50 draw. When the idea came up a few years ago about participating in the 50/50 draw, I jumped on the wagon. I think it is a great way to help our students.


Betty van der Leepay-it-forward-february-17.jpg

I thought my ultimate surprise was my co-workers singing Happy Birthday to me. I was shocked a few seconds later when I was presented with the Pay it Forward cheque.

I wish I could be there at every presentation to see the expression of the winners. I felt like I had won the Lottery. What fun it is to see who is next and what a great way to give a little back to the students.

Thanks and good luck to all!


Matt Nortonpay-it-forward-january-17.jpg

I thought I was called to the front of the town hall event for something entirely different so I was thrilled when I saw the giant cheque with my name on it! Donating to the student scholarship fund is what it’s about, it’s not about winning. I’ve never thought I would win however, someone does every month and luckily this is my month!



Michael Bartz
I was totally shocked when I found out that I’d won. I guess I’m finally on Santa’s nice list (if not, I’ll just buy him off). Here at Lethbridge College we are genuinely student focused, and this initiative is another great way to show you care.


Pete Gingras
What a  pleasant surprise when Gwen, Kari and company graced my DCM1150 Digital Audio classroom on the third floor of the Tech Wing, and told me I had won November's Pay it Forward 50/50 draw. A great way to begin a class, I must say.

But whether "I" win or not isn't the point. It's the students at Lethbridge College who win every month when the contributions of many get deposited into a scholarship fund that helps students offset the costs of post-secondary in their lifelong learning journey. That’s the real payoff!

To coin a popular poker phrase, if I never win again I'm all in!


Knud Petersen
Spending money on 50/50 tickets can be considered gambling, but the good part is, even if you don’t win, you know the money goes to support great causes. From funding minor sports to scholarships, the list of opportunities to buy 50/50 tickets are endless (the odds are relatively good) and I have “invested” heavily during my lifetime.

Having won my fair share of 50/50’s over the years, the Lethbridge College Development and Alumni Relations office staff went above and beyond the call of duty when they cleverly surprised me with a (big) cheque at the Val Matteotti Gymnasium. Thank you very much.

It’s always nice to win and I’m sure the winnings will be re-invested in more community based “gambling”. I also encourage others to invest in 50/50’s and join initiatives such as Pay It Forward.


Brad Sitter
I have been contributing to the Pay It Forward 50/50 draw since my early days at LC and was wondering if my name was still in there!

To all who have entered and haven’t won, there is hope. For those who have yet to enter, it’s an excellent program to help the students and a fantastic feeling when you win!


Lindsay Workman
I signed up for the Pay it Forward 50/50 draw when I started working at the College eight years ago. I thought it was a great way to support student awards and to be part of the College community. I was very surprised and excited when everyone walked in with that big cheque first thing on a Monday morning! What a great way to start the week and to ease into another busy semester! I encourage everyone to participate in the Pay It Forward 50/50 draw.


Dawn Keith
What a great surprise to be the recipient of the Pay It Forward 50-50 Draw! I feel honoured to be part of the Pay It Forward program to provide help to those students in need of financial support in order to achieve their educational goals.


Jackie McKnight
Wow! I can’t believe it was me. Every month I prepare a check for someone other than myself, I couldn’t help but feel a little envious. Now I finally know how good it feels to win! I’m so happy to contribute to the 50/50 scholarship fund. It is very little of my money each month that goes towards something that can make a huge difference for students. As a mother of 2 college students I know how much scholarships can help make school more affordable for a family. Thanks Lethbridge College for this awesome gift! It will definitely make our summer holidays a whole lot easier to pay for.


John Russell
I was extremely surprised at my big win of the May ‘Pay it Forward’ 50/50. Speechless--almost. This has more than made up for my foolish, playoff hockey-pool predictions. (Florida!)

I am glad that our regular contributions end up providing scholarships to students—a very worthy cause. I plan on spending my winnings on my fellow workmates by buying them lunches and treats to spread the wealth to those who have not been as lucky yet.


Charlie McArthur
I was truly surprised to win the Pay-it-Forward 50/50 draw and the incredible celebration. The only thing missing was confetti and a marching band! Pay-it-Forward is a wonderful program for the benefit of our students and I feel so fortunate to have won this prize. Thank you!


Elio Girardi
This is awesome! What a great way to start the spring season.

The Pay It Forward 50-50 draw is an easy and fun way for staff to support student awards and scholarships. Scholarships help students with tuition, books, supplies and easing other costs associated with attending school.

Participating in the Pay It Forward initiative is a great way to support students who are or will be attending Lethbridge College.


Cindy Fyfe
Lethbridge College has impacted everyone in my family.  My husband, myself and all four of our sons have attended here.  I started working here in 1995.  So I can truthfully say that Lethbridge College has greatly impacted our family.

That was the reason that I decided to contribute to the payday 50/50, knowing that money was going to student scholarships. Some of my sons had received scholarships and this was a way to “pay it forward”. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to win!  That was never my motivation for contributing, but I will definitely enjoy these winnings – however I decide to use them!!


Heather Lyon
It was truly a surprise to me to win the Pay if Forward 50/50 draw. Individuals came clapping and chanting into my office and I thought “what the heck”. This is a great campaign to contribute to, a way of giving students the assistance they need to help further their education.



Laura Terry
It was a big surprise winning December’s pay it forward. I have been willing to win it every month since its inception and can finally say it was my turn. I now know they didn’t forget to put my name in the draw. It is nice to see the 50/50 jackpot grow a little more each month as our small contributions continue to support student success. What a great way to end 2015! Thank you.


Tammy Camrud
‘Surprised’ is only one of the many words for me to describe how extremely happy I was to be the November winner of Lethbridge College’s “Pay It Forward” program. I feel very lucky to be employed here with such great people that surround the college community and also being able to contribute to our students Scholarships/Awards Program as well. It puts a smile on my face - Thank you Lethbridge College.


Donna Kalau
I was very surprised and very excited to win the 50/50 this month! It has been a great way to contribute to something that benefits the students and creates some excitement among co-workers. I will continue to contribute the program and celebrate with co-workers who get presented with the BIG CHEQUE just as my co-workers celebrated with me.


Danielle Phair
This really did happen. I still can’t believe it! I was in shock and still am! Sometimes in life, what you don’t think will happen, really does! I feel thankful that the college has the Pay it Forward program in place for students to benefit, as well as their employees. I am grateful for these winnings and couldn’t be happier! Thank you to the Alumni Office and to Lethbridge College!


Lesley Wood
I am so surprised I won the Pay it Forward 50/50 draw! I feel somewhat undeserving having only been at the College for five months but I feel very lucky! When I heard of the Pay it Forward program, I had to sign up. It’s a wonderful opportunity to contribute to student awards and be a part of the College community. I hope these scholarships bring a little luck to the lives of students. Thank you so much!


Mary Ann Sorge
It was a great surprise to find out I had won the Pay It Forward! Of course, I've been sure I was going to win every month for the past 6 years! What a great way to support our students while giving staff an opportunity to win as well. Supporting scholarships that provide opportunities for students who might otherwise not have the funds to attend college is a very worthy cause, so I encourage all my co-workers to participate in Pay It Forward!


Aaron Roth
I started 50/50 almost as soon as I started here.  I thought it was a great chance to give an opportunity to students and participate in the College community.  I’m off to Peru this month, so I’m really thankful for this!


Jody Tyssen
Thank you for the wonderful surprise! The 50/50 is a great opportunity we have to help provide scholarships for the students in furthering their education. With this surprise I will be spoiling my grandkids even more!!


Cheryl Skinner
Being my second win supporting the Employee Pay It Forward Campaign, I really can say it is a wonderful program. It is an easy way to provide ongoing financial support to the students, right here at Lethbridge College. Knowing that we can help the students we see every day is an honor. Here’s to the three peat.


Ben Bennett
I’m glad to support the Pay It Forward program. I’ve been gladly contributing since I was first hired at the college seven years ago. It’s nice to know there’s a simple way to help students with their expenses, and a chance at winning a nice chunk of extra cash doesn’t hurt either. Thanks!


Rick Blakely
This a great fundraiser for a great cause. Everyone on campus should enroll in the Pay it Forward program.


Leah Shearer
Wow! I can’t believe I won! What a surreal moment to see my name on that giant cheque.  I have been an LC student on and off for 10 years and I know every little bit helps! Pay It Forward is a great way for me to give back to other students! I look forward to contributing for many more years. Thank you Lethbridge College!


Pay it Forward Details

Winner Selection Process

The winner will be selected in a random drawing from all eligible entries on the third-to-last business day of each month. The odds of winning are based on the number of unique entries and will shift monthly depending on the number of contributors.

Winner selection is conducted by a Lethbridge College employee who does not participate in the Pay It Forward program and done through an electronic script. Each participant will be assigned a unique number and be entered into software which will select the winner by using a number generator designed to select random entry or entries. The individual responsible for making the selection will have no access to the names attached to the numbers and will provide program administrators with proof of number selection. Program administrators will deliver the cash prize to the individual associated with the number provided.

All names and photographs of winners will be published on the college's social media, website and around campus unless discussed with the program administrator at the time of the prize announcement.