We are proud of the strides that we made through The Possibilities Are Endless campaign. Between 2008 and 2017, with support coming from all corners of the world, the campaign raised $27.8 million for a variety of worthwhile initiatives.

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Trades and Technologies Space Allocation


  • Shop, Lab, Related Support - 72%
  • Lecture, Classroom, Seminar - 14%
  • Office, Administration - 8%
  • Public Areas - 4%
  • Central Services - 2%

Trades and Technologies Facility ($65 million)

The 165,270 square foot Trades and Technologies facility will be built with the goal of supporting more than 880 new learners (a 65 per cent increase in current capacity) across eight trade areas and four technology programs.

It’s an ambitious project, one of the largest in the city’s history. The outcomes promise to be rewarding; training future generations in a modern location and leveraging every advantage from dollars committed. It may seem as though we’re merely erecting buildings, but this project has a far greater scope than that. The students who pass through its steel and glass will emerge with more than paper diplomas; they will have been exposed to enhanced learning and encouraged to seek solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. That translates to strength of purpose and provides them with the desire to make their mark, not merely tread the path. In turn, they will create a stronger community, province and nation, taking the knowledge and tools required to reconstruct Canada for the rigours of the future.

The new facility will become a centre that fosters interdisciplinary innovation among students, instructors and industry partners; this is a key theme of the college’s academic vision. That in itself is a huge value added to any graduate’s credentials and, therefore, to the industries in which they ultimately participate.

The project will bring together students, faculty and industry to create a more vibrant learning environment that explores emerging trends in sustainable design and technologies. Using simulated technologies, and by engaging in applied research, students and faculty will become the driving force in Alberta’s knowledge economy. 

We will provide facilities and opportunities to support new and emerging trends in trades and technologies programs and practices, including skills simulation and new equipment for both training and applied research.

Alberta has been caught short before, when boom times opened opportunities for growth but a shortage of skilled employees hampered potential. This program will match quality with quantity, giving Alberta the builders and technicians whose skills will lead her forward.

Crooks School of Transportation

crooks_0.jpgArt and Mary Jane Crooks selected Lethbridge College to receive their support as a way to give back for all of their good fortune. As owner/operators of Lethbridge's first Canadian Tire store, as well as other ventures in Lethbridge, they often turned to the college for the skilled trades people they required for their successful enterprises.

Their gift, combined with a partial match from the Alberta Access to the Future fund, totalled $2 million. This generous partnership provided the college with the opportunity to unveil the Crooks School of Transportation.

“As business people, we realize just how important the trades are,” said Art Crooks at the unveiling. “We know the ‘old gang’ is retiring and we need new people to take their place. The purely academic stream has been overemphasized and students are not always encouraged to enter a trade, yet they provide professional and rewarding careers in which skilled people can make a good living. When we moved here, we became much more aware of the work being done by Lethbridge College in trades education. We hope our gift helps keep students in Lethbridge and makes training at Lethbridge College as accessible as possible.”

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