We are proud of the strides that we made through The Possibilities Are Endless campaign. Between 2008 and 2017, with support coming from all corners of the world, the campaign raised $27.8 million for a variety of worthwhile initiatives.


Library and Learning Innovation ($17 million)

The Learning Commons project, an important component of the Possibilities are Endless campaign, is being reviewed in light of the college’s new strategic plan and, more specifically, the Academic Transformation strategy. We are grateful for the community and government’s enthusiastic support and investment, knowing that an investment in Lethbridge College today is an investment in the future.

Drive from your mind the libraries of your youth; the concept we have in mind for the Buchanan Library is not one of those. The total human information base is estimated to be increasing by 30 per cent annually, a doubling every three to four years. In this context, libraries or information repositories are more important than ever, especially at colleges and universities. Repositories don’t provide much if they aren’t accessed and mined for their information. They must entice students inside, and excite them with their possibilities.

Today’s libraries are a dynamic, ever-expanding part of any successful post-secondary institution, and while the media by which information is stored and captured continues to evolve, the college’s commitment to its learning resources is stronger than ever.

This project encompasses more than 45,000 square feet of renewal, renovation and construction. The Buchanan Library will become the heart of Lethbridge College, a focal point of learning for the entire institution. It will still provide conventional library services, but will expand its support services for students and faculty. The renovation will provide break-out rooms and study areas, affording students spaces to engage with others to expand their learning, or to quietly focus by themselves.

The newly evolved library will also be the future home of the Buchanan Art Collection, which includes 12 Group of Seven paintings and the works of other key Canadian artists, and will further establish the college library as a 21st-century facility, an important site for visitors to the campus and the Lethbridge community.

Co-located within the library is the Learning Café, an autonomous “library within a library” that provides additional space and resources for more direct instructor-student interaction and support.

The renewed library and learning commons will strengthen the personalized experience that Lethbridge College is committed to providing its learning and research community. This project is central to the college’s vision of future learning, of attracting and retaining new students and excellent instructors and staff, and to the renewal of the campus as a whole.