We are proud of the strides that we made through The Possibilities Are Endless campaign. Between 2008 and 2017, with support coming from all corners of the world, the campaign raised $27.8 million for a variety of worthwhile initiatives.


Student Residence ($13.5 million)

For a considerable time now, Lethbridge College has served a far wider population than southern Alberta. Students come to us from across Canada and, to our delight, from around the globe. It’s not unusual for us to have upwards of 40 countries represented on campus at any one time. While this is definitely a bragging point, it is also a value-added feature for our home-grown students, many of whom have not experienced cultures other than their own. Our foreign students provide different perspectives and a richer learning experience for our students from the city and region.

We want to increase our global campus community, whether we attract students from Balzac or Bolivia. A threat to achieving that goal is Lethbridge’s notoriously low vacancy rate, which stymies hundreds of students who have the desire to learn on our campus. To assist in alleviating this housing crisis, we built a residence that has helped shorten wait lists, allowing us to accommodate more students who will learn on our campus, live in our community and fulfill their dreams here.

Our Residence Life team assists with some of the challenges that face students living away from home for the first time. They need not be concerned with navigation and transportation because they will live and study on campus. And our student residence provides them with a homey, supportive atmosphere.

The five-storey residence contains 109 low-cost individual rooms, raising to 500 the number of students we can house on campus, an increase of 25 per cent. This facility brings together students from diverse cultural backgrounds and provides them with the opportunity to experience other cultures in a spirit of co-operation and understanding. It’s a spin-off benefit that meets our goal of producing graduates with a global view, enhancing the student experience.

Lethbridge College has made a commitment to environmental sustainability to achieve operational excellence and has incorporated many green features in this building such as:

  • solar energy for water heating
  • prevailing west winds for ventilation
  • rainwater collection for irrigation
  • sunshine for natural lighting.

Some of the impressive savings include:

  • half the power needed for a standard air-conditioned building
  • 40 per cent less water consumption.

For our students entering residence now and in the future, sustainability will be no different than indoor plumbing or high-speed Internet: it’s just going to have to be.

Virtual Tour

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