We are proud of the strides that we made through The Possibilities Are Endless campaign. Between 2008 and 2017, with support coming from all corners of the world, the campaign raised $27.8 million for a variety of worthwhile initiatives.

burns-jespersen.png Opportunities are waiting at Lethbridge College

There are countless opportunities awaiting our students, who can turn their passions into professions through application of theory and practice and contribute to our economy in new and innovative ways. By building on our existing and emerging strengths, by integrating applied research in our approaches to teaching and learning, and by providing an atmosphere focused on a holistic student experience, we are better preparing our learners for the changes of the future.

Opportunities await our stakeholders – the community and industry partners who benefit from our solutions-orientated approach to applied research. We have a long history of engaging industry in guiding the direction of our programming, informing us of emerging trends and supporting the pursuit of national accreditations. We focus on the program needs of today and the possibilities for the future. And industry benefits from this partnership when it comes time to hire our experienced and knowledgeable graduates.

To make the most of these opportunities, we need to renew our aging trades and technology facilities, reimagine our library and learning space and recommit to supporting our student awards. A revitalized trades building will provide us with flexible education and applied research space to meet the shifting demands of apprenticeship training and technology programming. A modern library and learning space will strengthen the personalized experience that we committed to providing to our learning and research community. Expanding our student awards will ensure that we are honouring excellence in our students and increasing accessibility to higher education.

An investment in Lethbridge College today is an investment in the future of our students, our partners and our local and global community. It’s an opportunity we hope you will embrace – just one of many opportunities that are waiting at Lethbridge College.


Investing in our future

We are involved in a community effort. We recognize that to realize our vision - to provide skilled workers in response to the demands of industry -  we needed to lead the charge on our $103-million goal. The college has committed $17 million (16.5 percent of the total) towards the success of The Possibilities are Endless campaign.

But we cannot do this alone. We need partners: partners in government, partners in industry and partners in our communities.

We are grateful for the significant funding commitments we have received to date from the City of Lethbridge, individuals in our community and Alberta’s former Access to the Future Fund. We are working diligently alongside our colleagues in the Government of Alberta to secure funding and partnership agreements to collect the balance of the $61 million needed from this sector.

To reach the $25 million needed in private and matching funds, we need commitments from our communities. By making your gift to The Possibilities are Endless campaign, you will be joining a winning team of donors and funders. Together with our campaign cabinet, the college will secure matching and funding targets by 2015.

Lethbridge College faculty and students will be known as global citizens and industry leaders who influence their professions through innovation, contributions to society, and development of partnerships around the world. We will continue striving to be recognized as one of Canada’s “green” colleges and our students, faculty, staff and graduates will maintain sustainability and social responsibility as fundamental values.

Lethbridge College’s direction is clear and we are moving forward with purpose. We have responded to the ever-changing post-secondary environment by introducing a campus development plan that provides the capacity to meet new challenges and support innovation in curriculum and research. This plan addresses the need for buildings and programs, innovation and research, students and the community.  It is designed to meet the needs of future generations of learners and the community at large.

Join us.