Ribbon cutting Our thanks

We are proud of the strides that we made through The Possibilities Are Endless campaign. Between 2008 and 2017, with support coming from all corners of the world, the campaign raised $27.8 million for a variety of worthwhile initiatives. These gifts have been used to support, inspire and transform the students and employees at Lethbridge College, and the campus itself, and they are helping to build a better world for generations to come.

We give our thanks to each and every one of our partners who supported The Possibilities are Endless campaign - the people who knows that education is the cornerstone to a great society. We are grateful for their selfless act of giving.

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Lethbridge College kicked off a 60-week celebration of its 60th anniversary by announcing its Possibilities are Endless campaign exceeded its goal by more than 10 per cent, raising $27.8 million in private donations for college building projects, student awards and new programming. The campaign is the largest in the college’s history and one of the largest ever undertaken in southern Alberta. The college publicly launched its most ambitious fundraising campaign in May of 2013 , with the plan to secure a total of over $100 million for capital projects and initiatives – including at least $25 million from private donations – to support the following essential college initiatives: the new trades and technologies facility, Kodiak House, a new library and learning space, student awards and emerging priorities.

Campaign Priorities


trades.png Trades and Technologies Facility

The Trades and Technologies Renewal and Innovation Project will position Lethbridge College as the institution for trades training in southern Alberta by bringing together students, faculty and industry to create a vibrant, responsive learning environment.



library.png The Learning Commons

The Learning Commons project, an important component of the Possibilities are Endless campaign, is being reviewed in light of the college’s new strategic plan and, more specifically, the Academic Transformation strategy. We are grateful for the community and government’s enthusiastic support and investment, knowing that an investment in Lethbridge College today is an investment in the future.



residence.png Kodiak House Student Residence

Kodiak House is a five-story, 109-room, environmentally-innovative space that that has increased on-campus housing by 25 per cent, providing a home to students from across the province and around the world.



awards.png Student Awards

Student awards allow Lethbridge College to make education accessible to anyone with the determination to achieve, not merely the ability to afford. To ensure that Lethbridge College continues to attract and retain outstanding students, the college aspires to offer its students in excess of $1 million per year in awards and scholarships.



emerging-priorities.png Emerging Priorities

This fund will provide Lethbridge College with flexibility and speed to act when unexpected opportunities arise, allowing the college to sustain its relevance and fulfill its vision of being green, global and socially responsible.


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