In the event of an emergency, our first priority is always for the safety and security of the children. Children will be relocated if any of the following emergencies occur on campus:


  • fire
  • gas leak
  • electrical storms
  • tornadoes
  • water main break
  • sewer back-up
  • building structure failure
  • power failure
  • bomb threat
  • explosives or chemicals
  • threatening acts (firearms)

Depending on the location and the type of emergency, children will exit the daycare by either the south or north door. If the south door is used, children will be led through the playground out to the grass area that borders the parking lot. If the north door is used, the children will gather on the grass area bordering parking lot E.

If the seriousness or duration of the emergency warrants further relocation, children will either be led to the Residence Activity Centre (RAC) in the student residence complex or transported to the Enmax Centre by bus.

Contacting parents during an emergency

Community disasters are reported on the radio and we ask parents to listen for details there. We will carry our children’s emergency records with us and call parents as soon as possible to make pick up arrangements. However, our first concern is always for the safety and security of the children, and calls will not be made until this concern is met.

Parents can have a copy of the emergency plan if requested. One is always posted on the parent board. Notices will be left on both doors and Lethbridge College security will be informed as to where the children have been taken.