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We offer courses that qualify for badges and microcredentials, which can lead into even greater accreditation.

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Show your experience with badges

Digital badges are proof that you’ve mastered specific professional competencies – showing your capabilities with verifiable data on how you earned the badge.


Stack your badges into microcredentials

Demonstrate your proficiency in a certain area by completing two or more badged courses to earn a microcredential.

Level up your skills

Progress along the microcredential pathway and level up your competencies from foundational to skilled to advanced.


Share your accomplishments

Add your badges to your social media profiles to show the verified skills you bring to your next opportunity.


Badge Example

What is a badge?

Badges are a competency-based digital form of certification. More than simple icons, badges contain verifiable data about your accomplishments, detailing how you earned them and who issued them.


What is a microcredential?

Microcredentials are badges that show mastery in a specific professional competency. All microcredential eligible courses at Lethbridge College are considered badged courses. By completing two or more badged courses along the same pathway, you can earn a microcredential. Many of our microcredential pathways allow you to level up your skills from foundational to advanced to skilled. And some badged courses can count towards multiple microcredentials.


Register for a microcredential


1 Sign up for a microcredential eligible course. Take one course at a time or tackle a couple in the same semester.
2 Create a Badgr account. Here, you can store your badges in a virtual backpack, subscribe to microcredential pathways and track your progress.
3 Complete all badged courses to earn your microcredential. Stop at level one for foundational skills or keep earning badges to demonstrate your expertise.
4 Share your microcredentials with Badgr. Using a virtual backpack that can be linked to and displayed, Badgr allows you to show your microcredentials on social media posts, within apps like Microsoft Teams, on your LinkedIn profile, on your resume, and many other places.


Guiding principles for microcredentials


Our microcredentials are designed to be:



Learners learn what they want, when they want, at their own pace and an affordable price


Provides learners with tools and strategies that can immediately be transferred to use in professional settings


Well-researched, based on recent innovations and focus on in-demand topics


Meets learners’ needs with interesting and appealing design for learning


The value of microcredentials & digital badges


For Learners

Immediacy | Enroll, start and complete a course in as little as 4–7 hours

Time-sensitive | Only spend time learning what you want to learn

Affordable | Explore new professional and personal interests without committing to an entire program of study


For Viewers

Recruit | Identify and select potential employees with initiative and specific skill sets

Train | Identify high-quality, affordable, flexible learning opportunities for upskilling and reskilling

Network | Identify individuals and organizations with common interests

Flexible | Take any combination of individual mini- courses, or pursue completion of a pathway

Share | Display to professional communities and prospective employers


For Endorsers

Partner | Build and showcase partnerships with Lethbridge College

Promote | Learning opportunities and recommendations

Support | Demonstrate support for ongoing career development


For Issuers

Culture | Cultivate an environment of learning and innovation both within and beyond Lethbridge College

Collaborate | Development & implementation of learning opportunities in alignment with institutional goals

Learn | Analytics on learner progress available to instructors and administrators