Welcome to the Citizen Society Research Lab (CSRL), Lethbridge College’s public opinion applied research initiative. Each semester, students conduct public opinion surveys from the IB Commons Call Centre on campus. These surveys measure the public opinion of Lethbridge and area residents as well as Albertans on a variety of issues.

Partner with us

CSRL conducts research for a variety of community partners for a small financial contribution in support of our research endeavours. If you are interested in gathering public opinion, support our local initiative by becoming a community partner.

As a partner, you will receive:

  • electronic copies of the report and analysis of the questions you sponsor
  • access to our regular non-sponsored questions and tracking polls
  • a range of available media services for the public release of data

You may choose to make exclusive private use of the data derived from the questions you sponsor for a limited time. Eventually, all results will be made publicly available on this site or upon request from respondents and other interested parties. Our students will make private use of the data for their individual research projects tied to their respective classes.

Sponsor a research question

Your contribution to research is $600 per question. We can incorporate as many as a dozen questions for a community partner, particularly in cases where a sponsor’s interests match our students’ research interests.

For fall polls:

  • contracts must be signed prior to Sept. 15
  • questionnaires are finalized by Sept. 21
  • reports are presented no later than mid-November

For winter polls:

  • contracts must be signed prior to Jan. 15
  • questionnaires are finalized by Jan. 21
  • reports are presented no later than the end of March

Note: Our timelines can be adjusted to meet deadlines associated with elections or other significant events.

To arrange for your research question(s), contact us.

Our community partners and sponsors