​The Centre for Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CARIE) brings together community organizations, researchers and students to collaborate on projects that use new or existing knowledge to solve real-world challenges with immediate practical applications.

If you have a challenge that you are looking to solve, we may be able to help. Review our research themes to find the best group to assist you.

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Do you have a challenge you are looking to solve? We are here to help Canadian businesses—particularly small- and medium-sized enterprises—by providing applied research and innovation services to enhance productivity, competitiveness and innovation results. 

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Agriculture, Food and Environment

Lethbridge College has been conducting applied research in agriculture for more than 30 years. Our dedicated researchers and state-of-the-art facilities enable pre-commercial validation for commercial application in agriculture and agri-food in the areas of integrated food production systems, irrigation science, and post-harvest technology. We are ready to increase efficiency and productivity for farmers, producers, and processors while reducing the environmental impact of the food production system, waste, and energy consumption, and improving food safety and security for consumers.

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Business and Technology

Multiple industries are exploring ways to integrate emerging technologies into their operations to improve business process efficiency, enhance employee safety, and reduce costs; however, many lack the expertise and equipment needed to articulate a vision and develop commercially viable applications. Lethbridge College is ready to help drive our digital economy and pave the way for transformative immersive experiences as businesses break down barriers and reshape our future. By creating and adopting emerging technologies, innovators can solve the world’s greatest challenges.

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Health and Wellness

When people thrive, our communities thrive. Whether we are using immersive technologies to improve training experiences for healthcare workers or caregivers or exploring ways to get kids or seniors active, we are ready to help people live healthy lives and promote well-being for all by applying our research expertise.

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Justice and Public Safety

Lethbridge College has over 50 years of experience delivering justice, policing and corrections curriculum, making it an established leader in the field of Justice and Public Safety. Industry-focused research projects help keep Canadians safe and contribute to strong and resilient communities. Current events have highlighted the need for proactive global change in the public safety field and we are ready to build peaceful, inclusive and sustainable societies with our community and industry partners.

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Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities

To build healthy modern society, we must seek to understand the world around us. Social sciences and humanities research focuses on topics that explore a better future for Canada and beyond by building knowledge about people, cultures, and societies. We are ready to address today's problems and tomorrow's challenges for a sustainable future for all.

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