story-waste-not-want-not-nick-savidov-1.jpgHe’s been referred to as the Yoda of aquaponics, and with good reason. Senior research scientist Nick Savidov has been involved in aquaponics research for more than a decade and a half and has been a pioneer in the field, placing Alberta at the forefront of this developing industry.

Nick was the first researcher to suggest using carbonized agricultural by-products known as “biochar” as a soilless medium for the production of greenhouse vegetables. His work has stimulated the aquaponics industry and initiated commercialization of the technology. One of his most notable contributions has been the development of a fully automated zero-waste aquaponics system – the first in the world.

Recognized internationally as an expert, Nick was born and raised in Russia, where he completed his M.Sc. and PhD degrees in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. He conducted his postdoctoral studies in Israel, focusing on Plant Biochemistry, before moving to Canada in 1997. His research continued at the University of Alberta in Plant Molecular Biology until he took on the role of lead of the provincial greenhouse research program in Brooks. There, he worked closely with aquaculture researchers from Lethbridge College, making the transition from the Crop Diversification Centre to our Aquaculture Centre of Excellence seamless.

Areas of expertise

  • aquaponics
  • integrated fish and plant systems
  • plant physiology
  • biochemistry

Current research project

Made possible by a five-year, $2.1 million grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), this Integrated Fish and Plant Systems project is addressing critical issues relating to the production of aquaponics, including food safety, consumer acceptance and economic ROI. Find out more about this project.



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