Originally from a small town in British Columbia, Leanne DuMontier completed her Bachelor of Science with a major in biology at the University of Lethbridge. Following graduation, she was employed at the Lethbridge Research Center as a ruminant nutrition research assistant assisting with digestibility trials in cattle and sheep. This is where her love of microbiology was born. Years later, an opportunity arose to be involved in a research study at the University of Lethbridge Neuroscience department involving prenatal stress in rat populations.

Leanne moved to Lethbridge College in the position of microbiology lab technician where she has been involved in preparation and teaching of a variety of different labs, including microbiology, chemistry, physics, water quality, cell biology and biotechnology.  During her time here, she has been fortunate to be involved in research involving Cryptosporidia, Giardia, water microbiology and algae. 

Areas of expertise

  • microbiology
  • cell biology
  • microscopy
  • bacterial growth

Current research project

The Antibiotics Alberta Plant Project developed at Lethbridge College is identifying new antimicrobial molecules in plants native to Alberta. Made possible by a two-year CARIF grant from the Centre for Applied Research and Innovation, this project is meeting the World Health Organization’s request to find new antibiotics to treat infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Find out more about this project.