Jeff Hamilton grew up in Lethbridge and enjoyed coming to visit his father who taught English at the college. After graduating with a Bachelor of Education from the University of Lethbridge he was thrilled in 1986 to get a position teaching Adult Basic Education for the college. He transitioned through the Dorothy Gooder Campus to the Taber Adult Learning Campus and finally was asked to come to the main campus to support faculty in using technology in the classroom. He returned to teaching upgrading math and science courses in early 2000s and continues to love that challenge.

Jeff has done one other research project that explored the impact of active learning classrooms on student engagement in a flipped learning environment.

Areas of expertise

  • using technology in learning
  • adult learning
  • active learning
  • student engagement

Current research project

Traditionally at Lethbridge College, faculty members have been mandated to provide office hours outside of class time. This still works well for many students. However, with the devices students and faculty have at their disposal, alternate forms of communication may be beneficial in providing effective communication between students and their instructors outside of class time. Find out more about this project.