Meet our researchers

Meet our research experts. They’re a group of dedicated researchers and faculty members working hard on projects that solve the challenges facing today’s world. And more experts are stepping up to the plate every day, so check back in the coming months to meet more of our researchers.

Aquaculture Centre of Excellence

  • Clay Boyes
    Areas of expertise:
  • John Derksen
    Areas of expertise: aquaponics, aquatic ecosystem health and fish culture science.
  • Soba Kaluthota
    Areas of expertise:
  • Dr. Nick Savidov
    Areas of expertise: aquaponics, integrated fish and plant systems and plant physiology.
  • Penny Takahashi
    Areas of expertise:


Applied Research Chair in Agricultural Engineering and Technology

  • Dr. Chandra Singh
    Areas of expertise:  


Centre for Applied Arts & Sciences

  • Dr. Jennifer Davis
    Areas of expertise: animal behaviour, decision-making, gender, parenting, personality, prejudice and discrimination.
  • Leanne DuMontier
    Areas of expertise: microbiology, cell biology, microscopy and bacterial growth.
  • Dr. Faron Ellis
    Areas of expertise: political science, public opinion, Canadian and Alberta politics.
  • Jeff Hamilton
    Areas of expertise: using technology in learning, student engagement, and adult and active learning.
  • Dr. Sophie Kerneis-Golsteyn
    Areas of expertise: microbiology, cell biology and immunofluorescence microscopy.


Centre for Trades

  • Rob Sonnenberg
    Areas of expertise: sensory science – organoleptic research, food research and product development.


Centre for Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Dr. Kenny Corscadden
    Areas of expertise: renewable energy, energy efficiency and wind resource assessment.
  • Dr. Michael Kehoe
    Areas of expertise:


Centre for Technology, Environment & Design

  • Kris Hodgson-Bright
    Areas of expertise: virtual reality/360-degree journalism, writing and photography.


Mueller Applied Research Chair in Irrigation Science

  • Dr. Willemijn Appels
    Areas of expertise: unsaturated zone hydrology and irrigated agriculture.
  • Dr. Rezvan Karimi Dehkordi
    Areas of expertise:


President's Applied Research Chair in Virtual and Augmented Reality

  • Mike McCready
    Areas of expertise: