Top 50 Coll_date_2018.jpg The success of applied research at Lethbridge College is based on how our research positively affects industry. Our primary focus on solving real-world industry challenges means we’re always looking for opportunities to engage industry in applied research. Partnering with the Centre for Applied Research and Innovation (CARI) can lead to:

  • legitimizing a product or service
  • industry innovation
  • product commercialization


Applied research often involves prototype development, feasibility studies and clinical trials, as well as technical consultation and market research. Whatever your needs may be, we can help you develop innovative products and services that benefit our economy and society.

Feel free to meet our researchers or view our current or past research projects.

Our areas of strategic interest

Lethbridge College has a distinct competitive advantage in the following applied research areas. 


Recognizing the importance of the agriculture industry to southern Alberta, we are developing a three-year plan in support of agricultural programming at Lethbridge College. The Mueller Applied Research Chair in Irrigation Science provides resources for opportunities to engage with industry for data-driven productivity in agriculture.

Nick Savidov and Penny Takahashi-27.jpg
Dr. Nick Savidov, Senior Research Scientist - Aquaponics Program and Penny Takahashi, Greenhouse Technician

Integrated Fish and Plant Systems (IFPS)

Our Aquaculture Centre of Excellence continues to provide opportunities for students to engage in research activities while meeting industry needs. A five-year, $2.1 million NSERC IE award, is aimed at supporting the emerging aquaponics industry.

Environmental sciences

Known for our expertise in environmental sciences, we continue to break ground in environmental studies through applied research projects. Currently, a number of exciting projects are developing solutions for issues in water quality and remediation.

Food quality

Our Culinary program, which continues to experience a near 100 per cent employment rate for grads, is a growth area for the college. We’re building on our existing strengths with sensory testing skills and recipe development capabilities to further engage the local restaurant industry in applied research activities.

Merging Realities McCready (Small).jpg
LC is a leader in Virtual Reality (VR) programming and development.

Justice studies

Our applied research projects in partnership with industry and the community keep us on the leading edge of program assessment, evaluation of effectiveness and best practices in fields related to crime prevention and rehabilitation.

Health and wellness

Experts in the nursing field at Lethbridge College are actively engaged in exploring partnerships and applied research opportunities in the areas of skills development and simulation training products. Their drive to closer align the training experience with what grads actually face in the field continues to develop innovative solutions.

Citizen polling and analysis

Drip Research-21.jpg
​​A prototype DIY thermal camera developed by Dr. Willemijn Appels to assist farmers in monitoring water stress levels in crops.

Through our Citizen Society Research Lab, we’ve become a trusted source for polling and analysis services. The results of this impressive work inform industry, governments and community groups with a clear understanding of public opinion, which leads to the development of more effective and relevant policies that benefit our society.



If you represent an individual business or a collection of businesses and are interested in collaborating with Lethbridge College for applied research, contact Dr. Jagvir Singh