Program information

AgENT is designed to introduce new students to the world of entrepreneurship and innovation. The world of work is different in the 21st century and it will continue to evolve. The rapid advancement of technology is speeding the process of change. As a young person today, you likely feel that you are facing more complexity than previous generations. We don't disagree. In fact, we believe that you must learn to utilize tools and skills to sort through this complexity and to create opportunity from it.

In AgENT, we believe it is our role, as post-secondary entrepreneurship educators, to help prepare you as a highly employable graduate. We must build your transferable skills and knowledge in so that you can problem-solve outside traditional boundaries; act with speed, fluidity, and agility; synthesize data; collaborate in multidisciplinary environments; and empower each other’s creativity.

Entrepreneurship education is about more than teaching students how to start businesses. It is about helping you realize that you can co-create the future by focusing on actions within your control with a network of committed participants. It is about teaching you to invest in ventures only as much as you can afford to lose, to embrace the unexpected, and to turn surprises into opportunities. It is about showing you how to take inventory of “who you are, what you know, and who you know”, and using these means to turn ideas into action.

The AgENT program includes four unique learning experiences:

AgENT 001: Inspiring Innovation

The first level of AgENT focuses on generating awareness and interest in innovation and building through a focus on Human Centred Design and Design Thinking. These four interactive workshops will challenge your creativity and allow you to apply your skills to a real-world problem.

AgENT 002: Exploring Entrepreneurship

The second level of AgENT focuses on building the entrepreneurial mindset. In these four interactive workshops you'll develop the foundational skills you need to kick-start a project or even start to think about launching a startup business.

AgENT 003: Exploring Entrepreneurship

In this level, we our team provides one-to-one advising so that you can start turning your ideas into action. This may be through the establishment of a startup, a social innovation/enterprise, hosting an event, and more.

Be a ChangeAgENT

The goal of this workshop is to inspire the development of student-led social action/enterprises relating to ending poverty and hunger; creating healthy communities and well-being for all; promoting equity, inclusion, and diversity; and protecting our environment. Our work together will be focused on exploring the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).