Lethbridge College is an important part of the social and economic fabric of the city, region and province. By maintaining close relationships with local community organizations, industry members and prominent community members, the college plays an active role in a thriving southern Alberta community.

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Lethbridge College’s Community Engagement team works to ensure strong relationships exist between Lethbridge College and stakeholders from across the city, region and province. These relationships are crucial to ensuring we are aligning with the needs of business and industry, supporting important social causes and powering future economic growth.

The Community Engagement team supports a wide variety of initiatives, including providing spaces for public meetings or conferences; evaluating sponsorship requests; engaging leaders in activities such as training and tours; administering programming on campus that enhances the future of learning; and identifying alignments between external community members and internal college experts.

Through public events such as Coulee Fest and Open Farm Days; working with local organizations like the Prairie Baseball Academy and the Lethbridge Hurricanes; offering meaningful training pathways through LC Extension; and continually engaging with local businesses to find new innovative ways of bringing ideas from the classroom into reality - Lethbridge College is a key part of this vibrant and engaged southern Alberta community.

With each partnership formed, with every story shared, with every project completed - we're connecting the community and building the region!

When Lethbridge and southern Alberta thrive, we all thrive.

To discuss relationship opportunities with the Community Engagement team, contact Stephanie Savage.