endeavour-weblogo2lg.png Second-year Digital Communications & Media students put their knowledge to the test while gaining practical experience to complement their education by producing products under an education-based media group called LethbridgeCampusMedia.ca. The student-run newspaper, online radio station and video news program offer a taste of future employment opportunities while providing the college community with the news and information that matters to them.

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endeavour-endeavouricon.pngThe Endeavour

Published four times during the fall and winter semesters, The Endeavour newspaper reports on campus news and is available as a hardcopy around campus as well as a digital copy online. Students in the digital journalism stream gain hands-on experience developing stories and delivering news reports in a timely fashion, while students in the media production and advertising stream design ads and pages, organize promotions and sell advertising space. Read The Endeavour online.

endeavour-kodiakn.png The Kodiak

CRLC The Kodiak streams online and broadcasts on a closed circuit on campus. Playing a mix of contemporary music formats along with news and feature programming, The Kodiak operates continuously during the fall and winter semesters. Students cover all aspects of the radio station’s operations from news to radio personalities and commercial writing. Listen to The Kodiak online.

endeavour-enewsicon.png eNews

Focusing on events happening on and around campus, eNews is a video news and webcasting program that broadcasts eight times during the fall and winter semesters. Students involved with eNews are also responsible for webcasting select Kodiaks Athletics games. All aspects of broadcasting a live sports event are incorporated, including play-by-play announcing, camera operation, directing and production. Watch all eNews online or catch new programs involving Digital Communications and Media students on Lethbridge Shaw Television.