The Aquaculture Centre of Excellence provides Lethbridge College students and the general public with many opportunities to learn about aquaculture and aquaponics, gain first-hand experience in the field and tour our facilities.

LC students

Each semester, students from several different programs across campus – including Environmental Science, Agriculture, General Studies and Culinary Careers – come to the centre to learn about a variety of aspects, from aquaponics production methods and research developments to environmental awareness, laboratory analytical techniques, good animal practice and more. Many of them even complete their course-required practicums with us.

During the summer months, we welcome the help of student volunteers with our greenhouse production. If you’re interested in getting your green thumb wet, contact the Centre for Applied Research and Innovation.

Workshops and training courses

We host aquaculture and aquaponics workshops and training courses through Corporate and Continuing Education. Courses are designed to focus on all aspects of aquaponics and fish farming. Our instructors bring the latest industry research and developments to the course content. Courses are announced throughout the year, so be sure to check for upcoming opportunities.

Book a tour

As one of the few aquaculture and aquaponics education and applied research centres in Canada, we often open our doors to interested groups and individuals for site tours. If you want to learn more about our aquaculture and aquaponics systems, book your tour today.