For his commitment to the child- and youth-care profession, Greg Schmidt, Executive Director of Family Ties Association, is chosen by Lethbridge College as its Distinguished Alumnus for 2009.

After obtaining a Communication Arts diploma from Lethbridge College in 1986, Schmidt returned to Lethbridge College where he quickly distinguished himself with the Child and Youth Care faculty for his leadership skills, commitment, vision, sense of humour and advocacy.

Since his graduation, Schmidt has employed those virtues in his field. He was hired by his practicum agency, Sifton Family and Youth Services, before taking on his position at Family Ties and later the post of executive director.

"As I look back, what permeates my view is the commitment, dedication and loyalty of all those involved in ensuring students are able to immediately step into a position after graduation," says Schmidt. "I felt very prepared and ready to start work and feel the same of students that join us at Family Ties Association."


Career Virtuoso Award


Pat Asplund - Automotives 1970

Through 30 years as an instructor, Pat has demonstrated his leadership daily, including his unwavering integrity and fairness, his dedication to technical knowledge and teaching skills, and his focus on student success.








Community Leader Award


Brad Bustard - Civil Engineering Technology 1990

As a steward of the environment and a community supporter, Brad helped form the Pincher Creek Watershed Group and has written two books on life and industry in southern Alberta.








Community Leader Award


Maureen Perlich - Agriculture Technology 1995

Maureen's unswerving confidence in agriculture, dedication to charitable groups and support for post-secondary education, make her an asset to life in the Lethbridge area.








Rising Star Award


Cory Medd - Business Administration 2000

With his immediate success in business and zest for marketing and innovation, Cory quickly combined business smarts with personal charisma to rocket to the top of the pizza industry.