We are now accepting nominations for the 2024 Honouring Excellence awards, to be held next spring. Nominations are accepted year-round, and all nominations submitted before February 5, 2024, will be considered. Any nominations received after that date will automatically default to our 2025 nomination pool. 

Download Honouring Excellence nomination form

Please submit the nomination form, as well as all required documents listed below, to [email protected].  

Criteria to consider for Honouring Excellence awards

General award criteria
  • Current members of the college’s Board of Governors and Lethbridge College staff members are eligible for Honouring Excellence awards
  • Awards for each category need not be given every year. The college may choose not to grant an award in the absence of a suitable candidate.
  • Nominees must have graduated from Lethbridge College. A graduate of Lethbridge College is defined as, individuals who have completed a program at Lethbridge College which has resulted in an exit credential, such as a certificate, diploma or applied degree OR completed the educational requirements for the last year of study at Lethbridge College. Note: this would include Trades Apprenticeships and NESA students.
  • An alumni cannot win more than one award category in any calendar year and cannot win the same award category more than once.
  • Joint nominations will not be accepted.
  • Personal information submitted to the college by the nominator and/or nominee in connection with the awards program will be given to the selection panel for the purpose of judging the awards and will be stored in the college’s alumni database.
  • A nominee can withdraw from the awards at any time, but notice of withdrawal must be sent directly to the Alumni Engagement office via email to [email protected].
  • Honorees are representatives of the college and should be held to an appropriate standard of ethical and personal conduct, in concert with the values of the college.
  • Awards may be given posthumously.
  • Award recipients must agree to attend the awards ceremony to receive the award. In extenuating circumstance, or in the event the award is given posthumously, a designate may attend on behalf of the award recipient.
  • will be accepted on a rolling basis with a cut-off deadline to be established and published annually
  • may be considered in all open categories despite the category in which they were originally nominated.
  • will stand for consideration in the year in which they are submitted, and, if a nominee is not selected, the nomination will stand for the following two years if approved to do so by the selection committee. Nominators will be encouraged to provide an annual update.
  • that are unsuccessful will be made known to the nominators by email or letter, notifying them if the nomination will stand for a second/third year, or, if the nomination has expired; and, nominations that have expired may be submitted for a nominee again through the regular nominations process
  • may not be made for oneself
  • may be made by Lethbridge College employees
  • may be made on behalf of one alumni only (joint applications will not be considered)
  • must be nominated by someone other than themselves. The nominator does not need to be a Lethbridge College alumni or affiliated with Lethbridge College. The nominator should, however, know of the nominee’s work and be able to speak not only to the high regard in which the nominee is held, but also to the relevance of their actions to Lethbridge College’s mission and the spirit of the award(s). To aid in the process, the nominator should provide documentation such as a resume of the nominee, articles (by and/or about the nominee) and any other print materials which would assist the committee in evaluating the nominee.
  • will be treated in confidence and will not be circulated outside of the Alumni Engagement Office, judging panels and select members of Lethbridge College’s Executive Leadership team.
Selection process
  • Selection is based on the nominee’s accomplishments, as highlighted in the submitted nomination package.
  • The letters of support, resume and any additional documentation should clearly make the link between the nominee and the award for which he or she is being considered.
  • Nominations will be researched and compiled by the Alumni Engagement team and forwarded to the selection committee to review, rank and recommendation
  • Each committee member will rank each finalist on a standard ranking form and discussed as a council.
  • The Lethbridge College Alumni Advisory Council will select one winner as well as one alternate in each award category.
  • Selected award winners will be submitted, in strictest confidence, to the Lethbridge College Dean who represents the nominee’s area of study for review and approval.
  • Selected award winners will be submitted, in strictest confidence, to Lethbridge College President and CEO for final approval and endorsement.
  • In the event the nomination is not endorsed by the President and/or the respective Dean, the award selection will revert to the selected alternate.
  • To avoid disappointment and to respect the privacy of those consulted, the selection committee keeps nominations confidential, and we ask that nominators do the same.
  • A minimum 50 per cent of current committee members will comprise a quorum. The preferred nominee for each award is selected by majority vote of the committee members in attendance at the meeting.
  • In the event of a voting stalemate, the Alumni Advisory Council Chair will cast the deciding vote.


Award Categories

Distinguished Alumni Award

Established in 1992 to commemorate the college's 35th anniversary, this prestigious award recognizes college graduates who have distinguished themselves in their chosen careers, made a significant contribution to their communities and demonstrated service to the college and its students.

Award criteria and supporting documents

CriteriaSupporting documents to include
Distinguished themselves in his or her chosen career.An outline of the nominee’s career success.
Made a significant contribution to his or her community.Several examples of the nominee’s community involvement.
Demonstrated service to the college and its students.Several examples of the nominee’s service to the college and its students.
 Any additional awards the nominee has received.
Community Leader Award

Presented to an alumni who, regardless of where his/her good deeds were performed, has made contributions to the community through work or personal interests. Award winners are those with the drive to improve the lives of fellow citizens.

Award criteria and supporting documents

CriteriaSupporting documents to include
Made contributions to their communities through work or personal interests.An outline of the nominee’s community involvement.
Driven to improve and change the lives of fellow citizens.Specific examples of how the nominee has changed his/her community.
 Any official recognition from community groups.
Career Virtuoso Award

Presented to an alumni who has made significant contributions to his/her professional field through diligence, talent and dedication. Career Virtuoso Award winners are the inventors, creators and leaders who find new paths to excellence and bring prominence to their chosen fields. Their career paths have shown a steady rise towards success that is recognized by their peers and in their industry.

Award criteria and supporting documents

CriteriaSupporting documents to include
Made contributions to their professional fields through diligence, talent and dedication.A detailed outline of the nominee’s contributions to his/her professional field.
Has elevated their profession and found new paths to excellence; bringing prominence to his or her chosen fields.Specific examples of how the nominee has advanced his/her profession.
Their career path has shown a steady rise towards success which is recognized by peers and in his or her industry.Any official recognition (e.g. awards) the nominee has received from industry peers.
Rising Star Award

Some careers simply explode onto the scene. Rising stars are those who, within 10 years of graduation from Lethbridge College, have left trails of success as they hurtle above the crowd to claim their places as driven innovators in their professions.

Award criteria and supporting documents

CriteriaSupporting documents to include
Within 10 years of graduation, they have demonstrated many forms of success (such as career, community or Lethbridge College involvement).Several examples of the nominee’s rapid success.
 Several examples that demonstrate the nominee’s innovativeness.
 Specific examples of how the nominee sets him/herself apart.


All nominations must also include:

  • Completed nomination form
  • Minimum TWO letters of support, one letter to be written by the nominator and the others to be written by third party individuals.
  • The nominee's resume, CV or a detailed summary of accomplishments and achievements
  • Any supporting documentation (newspaper articles, external awards etc.)

For more information regarding Honouring Excellence please contact Stephanie Savage, Alumni Engagement at [email protected] or 403-329-7220