There are more than 30,000 Lethbridge College alumni living and working around the world. The majority can be found living right here in Lethbridge, but many have moved on to live and work in communities around the world. No matter how close or far you are from Lethbridge, we keep you connected to your alma mater and your fellow alumni. Our main priorities are to:

  • build lifelong relationships with all of our alumni
  • connect you to your fellow alumni by sharing your stories of student life and alumni success
  • engage students while they are on-campus to ease their transition from students to alumni
  • provide exclusive services to our alumni

We encourage you to serve as an ambassador of the college in whatever capacity you see fit. Whether you assist with student recruitment, serve as a resource and talent pool for faculty and staff, volunteer on the Advisory Council or a committee, or donate to our initiatives, your support is greatly appreciated.

What is an alumnus?

The short answer is you – if you graduated from Lethbridge College, that is. Alumnus is a Latin word for graduate. Originally meant to refer to male students, alumnus has been increasingly used as a unisex term.

So, what’s the difference between alumnus and alumni? Well, it’s quite simple: alumni is the plural of alumnus. As a graduate of Lethbridge College, you are an alumnus. But if you’re attending one of our events in a group of former classmates, you’re alumni. It can get confusing, we know, so feel free to take the easy route and use the informal term “alum.”