Transfer credit is credit given for course work successfully completed at one post-secondary institution and transferred towards the completion of a credential at another post-secondary institution.

Prior learning credit is awarded if the learning outcomes in a course can be demonstrated through our prior learning assessment (PLA) based on previous coursework and/or work/life experience.

Applying for Transfer Credit

Application Process

Applicants must submit a Transfer Credit Application form and official transcripts and course outlines (if requested by Lethbridge College) a minimum of one month prior to the start of the term to allow for review of transfer credit and/or prior learning credit in order to determine if outcomes are satisfied and award credit. Transfer credit requests will be assessed within 3-4 weeks of the date that all forms and documents have been received. Lethbridge College may request that applicants provide detailed course outlines/syllabi for courses that have not been assessed previously. Course outlines must have all essential elements to be assessed. If you receive transfer credit, your LC transcript will indicate a grade of TR for transferred courses. This will not affect your Lethbridge College GPA.


Transfer credit will be awarded if the following criteria have been met:

  • The course(s) requested were completed at a public institution or an institution recognized by Alberta Council on Admissions & Transfer (
  • The course(s) requested cover at least 80% of the content of corresponding course(s) at Lethbridge College that are either required for the student's program OR qualify as approved electives for the student's program
  • The course(s) requested were completed within the last ten (10) years
  • The student has been offered a seat in a Lethbridge College (LC) program and confirmed the offer   
  • Lethbridge College has received the official transcript from the institution(s) in which the courses were completed

Letters of Permission

Any courses taken from another institution during a Lethbridge College student's program will require a letter of permission from the Registrar's Office prior to enrolment in order to confirm eligibility for transfer credit. 

Prior Learning Assessment

All recognition of prior learning for the program curriculum will be assessed at the start of the program.

Transferring to Other Institutions

Lethbridge College has established transfer agreements with many other colleges, institutes, and universities which make it easy for Lethbridge College students to access additional learning opportunities. You may meet admission requirements or avoid duplicate coursework by applying your Lethbridge College credential as transfer credit with any of our numerous partner institutions.

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