You have one opportunity per term to move your application from one program to a different program by completing the Change of Program form with no additional application processing fee.

If you are an applicant, the change must be made for the same term.

If you are a current student, the change is made for a future term.

Returning after an absence

If your previous academic standing was honours, good or probationary, you may return to your program after an absence of one term by completing a Return to Program form.

Your application to return after an absence is subject to the following conditions:

  • Approval to return is based on space availability and requires registrar approval.
  • If approved, you are governed by the Academic Calendar pertaining to your year of re-admission as outlined in the Graduation Requirements policy.

Returning after academic disqualification

You must remain in good standing to move forward in your program. You will be placed on academic probation if your GPA falls below the acceptable limit at the end of a term. While on probation, if your next term GPA is again below the acceptable limit, you will be placed on academic disqualification. Academic disqualification means you are:

  • removed from your program
  • prevented from further registration

You may apply for re-admission to Lethbridge College provided you have not had two disqualified standings in your last two terms of enrolment.

If you have had a disqualified status in your last two terms of enrolment, you must wait at least one fall or winter term after the second disqualification before applying for re-admission.